McCain releases 50 per cent bigger meals

McCain Foods Australia is set to fill the freezer aisle with bigger meals and bigger flavour with the launch of new Mansize meals.

As many consumers continue to supplement their frozen meals, McCain saw the need to satisfy their hunger by creating even better quality and more satisfying frozen meals.

The meals are 50 percent larger than the traditional frozen meal, loaded with quality cuts of meat and hearty sides that completely satisfy the hungrier appetite.

According to McCain Foods ANZ Product Manager, Rebecca De Xavier Pinto,  McCain continues to look for ways to help both satisfy the hunger of consumers with great tasting food and offer fuss-free solutions.

Drawing inspiration from traditional pub favourites, consumers have three meal options in larger 480-500g packs: Bangers in a rich Onion Gravy with Creamy Potato Mash, Grilled Chicken and Bacon Creamy Pasta Bake and, Chicken Kiev with Vegetables and Potato.


A fresh and nutritious look in ready meals

Fancy That! has launched a range of fresh, nutritious ready meals in time for Winter.  The launch offer comprises six meals-for-one that are hearty and wholesome, ideal for enjoying at home.

“The meals deliver on key features that Australian’s are looking for, such as freshness, larger portion sizes, good nutritional values, and delicious recipes that suit their lifestyle choices,” says Leonie Cavanagh, Fancy That! Brand Manager.

These ready meals have no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.  The range covers a variety of dietary requirements such as low sodium, low sugar, good source of protein and excellent source of dietary fibre.

The packaging design further showcases the freshness and nutritional claims, with large windows allowing shoppers to see the quality and freshness of the food.

The launch range includes delicious recipes like Roast Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, Cottage Pie, Thai Green Curry, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and a Pumpkin & Chickpea Curry that’s suitable for vegans.


EasyMeals admits misleading consumers

Online food retailer EasyMeals by Flavour Makers has admitted misleading customers with its claims that its meals were suitable for all diabetics and with its free meal offers.

The suitability of the meals for diabetics actually depends upon the individual diabetic, their diet, and the severity of their condition.

And concerning the free meal offers, the company misled consumers into believing they could get a free meal simply by providing their contact information, when consumers could only obtain a free meal if they purchased a meal from the company first.

In addition, EasyMeals admitted that it failed to provide customers who had received unsolicited telemarketing calls with the information required by the unsolicited consumer agreements provisions of the ACL.

The admissions follow an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) investigation, which was prompted by a complaint from Anglicare Northern Territory, on behalf of a newly arrived migrant who was not fluent in English. The consumer had received telemarketing calls from EasyMeals, during which the company represented that its meals would be suitable for the consumer’s diabetes.

Following ACCC engagement, EasyMeals refunded the consumer; undertook an internal investigation aimed at implementing corrective measures; cooperated with the ACCC’s investigation; and agreed to rectify its practices to ensure future compliance with the ACL.

EasyMeals also offered a court enforceable undertaking to the ACCC.  The undertaking prohibits EasyMeals from engaging in similar conduct for a period of three years, and requires EasyMeals to implement and regularly review an ACL compliance program. The undertaking also requires EasyMeals to place a corrective notice on its website for a period of 60 days.

“Businesses supplying food products must take particular care to ensure that they do not misrepresent the suitability of their products for consumers with particular health conditions, such as diabetes or allergies,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“False or misleading representations of this type can have serious consequences for consumers with these conditions who rely on the representations.”

A fresh and simple approach to home cooking

Woolworths Simply is a  range of ready-to-heat dishes designed to inspire consumers to create simple, affordable and appetising meals.

With quality meat and poultry recipes included in the new range, there’s an array of options to cover every night of the week. New meals include the traditional French style Simply Beef Bourguignon cooked in a red wine and garlic sauce, the Simply Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork with a sweet hickory smoked BBQ sauce and the Roast Chicken with Tomato and Basil Stuffing.

For a classic winter warmer, the range provides a home-cooked meal, without the hassle of preparing from scratch.

Made in Australia, free from artificial colours and flavours, the range includes 21 options from tasty meat dishes to sides. The range offers a large variety of taste sensations – just simply heat and serve in no time at all.

The Winter Meats range is particularly popular as shoppers look to create warmer meals during the cooler months. The Woolworths Simply range offers straightforward, flavoursome and more convenient home-cooked meals at fantastic value. Each meat dish requires 45-60mins to cook, relieving customers of the time-consuming preparation of a slow cooked meat or poultry dish. It’s as simple as placing on a baking tray, popping straight in the oven and waiting for the delicious aromas to fill the house.

The range also includes a variety of nutrient packed veggie sides to complement the classic meat dishes including Simply Steamed Vegetables with Garlic Butter, the Simply Roast Potato Bake with Béchamel Sauce and the Simply Stir Fry Vegetables and Mushroom.

Beef Bolognese

Beef Bolognese is a dish to be created with love and attention.

Dineamic has done the hard work for you in their version of this rich and meaty ragout. Impress your friends or please the kids with this quick and healthy dish.

Simply heat in the pouch then serve with your favourite style pasta.

500g, Serves 2

Manufacturer: Dineamic

Launch date: 15 March 2016

Ingredients: Beef (34%), Vegetables (65%) (Crushed Tomato (Tomato, Tomato Juice, Citric Acid), Onion, Tomato Paste (Concentrated Tomato, Salt), Carrot, Celery), Salt, Sugar, Herbs, Garlic, Olive Oil, Pepper.

Shelf Life: 42 days (refrigerated)

Packaging: Doy Pouch

Product Manager: Daniel Pullen

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website:

Pitango’s new World Flavour Range

Product Name: Pitango’s new World Flavour Range

Product Manufacturer: Pitango

Launch date: July 2015


Indian Free Range Chicken Soup: Chicken Stock 55% (Water, Chicken Bones, Carrot, Onion, Herbs, Spices), Coconut Cream, Yellow Peas, Free Range Chicken 7%, Onion, Coriander, Garlic, Ginger, Corn Starch, Salt, Red Chilli 0.2%, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Turmeric, Cumin, Sunflower Oil, Pepper.

New York Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup: Chicken Stock 68% (Water, Chicken Bones, Carrot, Onion, Herbs, Spices), Sweet Corn, Celery, Free Range Chicken 4%, Onion, Noodles 3%, Water, Corn Starch, White Wine, Salt, Garlic, Sunflower Oil, Parsley, Thyme, Black Pepper.

Spanish Free Range Chicken Paella Soup: Chicken Stock 47%, (Water, Chicken Bones, Carrot, Onion, Herbs, Spices), Vegetables 38% (Tomato, Onion, Carrot, Red Capsicum, Peas, Tomato Paste), Chicken 8%, Rice 5%, Parsley, Salt, Garlic, Smoked Paprika 0.2%, Sunflower Oil, Black pepper, Chilli.

Pitango Malaysian Vegetable Laksa: Water, Vegetables 23% (Sweet Potato, Onion, Spinach, Green Beans, Red Capsicum), Coconut Cream 5%, Noodles (Contains Gluten) 2%, Lemongrass Puree 1%, Fish Sauce Sugar, Corn Starch, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Coriander, Salt, Tumeric, Cayenne Pepper, Chilli.

Shelf Life: 6 Weeks

Packaging: Pouch

Country of origin: New Zealand

Brand Website:

What the company says:

Pitango’s new World Flavour Range is inspired by some of the most iconic and colourful locations around the globe, Pitango celebrates the fun, flavour and authentic taste that makes these popular destinations so exciting.

Pitango’s Indian Free Range Chicken Soup is a lightly spiced soup that encapsulates traditional Indian style flavour.

Pitango’s New York Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup is a classic and comforting soup that takes you right back to the streets of the city that doesn’t sleep! Embodying an original flavour that made this lively town famous.

Pitango’s Spanish Free Range Chicken Paella Soup is from the home of flamenco, this soup is full of fun, flavour and colour, and will let your tastebuds dance!

Pitango’s Malaysian Vegetable Laksa is aromatic, romantic and incredibly tasty, this meal takes you right back to the bustling streets of Malaysia.


Heritage Dessert – Mixed Berry Mousse

Product Name: Heritage Dessert – Mixed Berry Mousse

Product Manufacturer: Chris' Dips

Launch date: July 2015

Ingredients: Yoghurt [Milk, Milk Solids, Skim Milk, Cream, Live Cultures], Mixed Berry Preparation (20%) [Strawberry, Sugar, Blueberry, Water, Blackberry, Raspberry, Corn Starch, Thickener (440), Acidity Regulator (330)], Sugar, Cream, Cream Cheese [Milk, Cream, Milk Solids Non Fat, Salt, Vegetable Gum (410), Food Acid (270), Starter Culture, Preservative (235)], Gelatine (Bovine), Stabilisers (440, 412), Preservatives (202, 211), Acidity Regulator (330), Natural Colour (163), Natural Flavour. Sachet: Toffee Garnish (Water, Sugar, Glucose, Salt)

Shelf Life: 25 days

Packaging: Chris' European terracotta pot

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website:

What the company says: A decadent mousse with sweet and tangy mixed berries and Greek-style yoghurt. Served with a roasted pistachio garnish.


Heritage Dessert – Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta

Product Name: Heritage Dessert – Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta

Product Manufacturer: Chris' Dips

Launch date: July 2015

Ingredients: Reconstituted Skim Milk, Yoghurt [Milk, Milk Solids, Skim Milk, Cream, Live Cultures], Cream (18%), Sugar, Cream Cheese [Milk, Cream, Milk Solids Non Fat, Salt, Vegetable Gum (410), Food Acid (270), Starter Culture, Preservative (235)], Gelatine (Bovine), Stabilisers (440, 412), Modified Starch (1442), Madagascan Vanilla (0.6%) [Sugar, Madagascan Vanilla Bean Specks, Madagascan Vanilla Bean Extract, Natural Flavour], Preservatives (202, 211), Acidity Regulator (330).

Sachet: Toffee Garnish (Water, Sugar, Glucose, Salt)

Shelf Life: 25 days

Packaging: Chris' signature European terracotta pot

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website:

What the company says: A deliciously light Greek-style yoghurt Panna Cotta with Madagascan vanilla throughout. Served with a toffee garnish.


Lean Cuisine Steam Whole Grains

Product Name: Lean Cuisine Steam Whole Grains

Product Manufacturer: Lean Cuisine

Launch date: June 2015


Moroccan Chicken with Couscous and Lentils: cooked wholemeal couscous (33%) (water, wholemeal wheat semolina, canola oil), tomatoes (20%) [reconstituted tomato (water, tomato paste), diced], vegetables (17%) (chick peas, zucchini, onion), slow cooked chicken [chicken (11%), reconstituted tomato (4.5%) (water, tomato paste), tomato paste, salt, food acid (citric)], lentils (2.5%), sultanas (2%), thickener (1422), water, spices [roasted coriander (contains wheat), cumin (contains wheat), turmeric, cinnamon, chermoula], salt, brown sugar, food acid (citric), coriander, lemon peel, canola oil, chilli, skim milk powder, wheat flour.

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Packaging: Two part cooking tray inside a 350g box

Brand Website:

What the company says:

The new Steam Whole Grains range from Lean Cuisine is a pre-prepared meal with the nutritional benefits of quality ingredients and multicultural flavours.

The frozen range uses nutrient dense whole grains including red and white quinoa, brown rice, wholemeal couscous and wild rice. Taking only minutes to prepare, the range comes in three flavour combinations and features two whole serves of vegetables:

● Moroccan Chicken with Couscous & Lentils

● Mexican Chicken with Brown Rice & Quinoa

● Chicken, Chickpea Curry with Brown Rice & Quinoa

Each Steam Whole Grains meal features a unique two part cooking tray, meaning the flavours and consistency of the meals are retained during the heating process. With a Health Star Rating of 4, the range of meat and vegetables combined with the natural goodness of whole grains makes for a quick and nutritious meal option. 


From the Kitchen Soup Pouch

Product Name: From the Kitchen Soup Pouch

Product Manufacturer: McKenzie's

Ingredients: Hearty Vegetable & Lentil: Vegetables(65%) [tomatoes(42%), Pumpkin(10%), Red Lentil(6.5%), Carrot(4.5%), Onion, Garlic],Water,Sugar,Canola Oil,Salt,Thickeners [Corn Starch, Xanthan Gum (Contains SOY)],Curry Powder,Parsley,Citric Acid,Black Pepper

Shelf Life: One Year

Packaging: 400g Pouch

Brand Website:

What the company says:

From the Kitchen Soup Pouch is available in three flavours: Country Pumpkin & Lentil Soup, Rustic Vegetable & Quinoa Soup and Hearty Vegetable & Lentil Soup. The range provides 2.5+ serves of vegetables per portion and is a source of fibre and protein. It uses Australian sourced legumes and is manufactured in Australia. 


The global instant noodles market witnesses healthy growth

The global market for Instant Noodles is projected to reach 145.8 billion packs by 2020, driven by the rising tide of the convenience food trend in emerging markets and widening consumer acceptance.

The global instant noodles market is witnessing healthy growth driven by expanding Asian communities, and the growing popularity of Asian gourmet food among non-Asians, according to a New Report Update by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

With noodles being customized for regional buyers all over the globe, the ubiquitous, and cheap rectangular cubes of flash dried and dehydrated noodles is today a global food product. Instant noodles as a fast food cuisine have gone down into history as the most memorable contribution made by Japan to life in the 20th and 21st century. Numerous enhancements to the dish helped its popularity crawl slowly to the West, and in Italy, the invention of the dish Italian Pasta is widely believed to have drawn inspiration from instant noodles.

Taste profiles differ across regions. The taste of Japanese or Korean-produced ramen is different from that of the noodles manufactured in the United States and Australia, thereby indicating the level of regionalism enjoyed by the product. Production of instant noodles began all over the world as early as the 1980s, when after the huge success of Chikin Ramen, the founder of Nissin Foods and the inventor of instant noodles, Mr. Ando Momofuku guided by purely social principles publicly made available the proprietary technology and recipe of his revolutionary product. Instant ramen is the only instant food of its kind to transcend regional differences in food tastes, flavors and preferences, and become a vital, must have part of the daily diet of the global population.

Key factors instrumental in instant ramen’s evolution into the world’s staple food include its low cost, quality nutrition, wide variety of taste and flavour profiles, and minimal cooking time. Today, instant noodles are available everywhere, from the fast food cafeterias of United States to the roadside hawkers in India, and Saudi Arabia. Disposable income and purchasing power parity of consumers in various regions across the globe represent major economic factors that influence the demand, and consumption for instant noodles. Typically, consumers with higher disposable income consume higher amounts of instant noodles.

Future growth in the market will come from countries presently not ranked among the top consuming countries worldwide. Further, manufacturers are encouraging frequency of purchase of instant ramen by enhancing the food’s nutritional value through fortification. Noodles fortified with vitamins, calcium, minerals, and ß-carotene in its natural form are growing in demand. In addition to functional product innovation, manufacturers are also focusing on aesthetic innovation in product packaging to drive sales.

As stated by the new market research report on Instant Noodles, Asia-Pacific represents the largest market worldwide. Instant noodles represent a mainstream food category in the region. Buoyed by some of the largest noodle consuming nations in the world, including China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Asia-Pacific is poised to retain its dominance in the coming years. The Middle East & Africa are forecast to display the fastest CAGR of 7.8 percent over the analysis period. Key factors driving growth in these regions include changing consumer eating habits, a large base of young population, expanding middle class population, increase in the number of dual income nuclear families, and large untapped semi-urban and rural markets.


Ready meals to be the largest frozen food segment by 2020

The global Frozen Food market is expected to reach an estimated value of USD 156.4 billion in 2020.

The global Frozen Food market was valued at USD 122.1 billion in 2013  is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6 percent from 2014 to 2020, to reach an estimated value of USD 156.4 billion in 2020, according to a new market research report published by Persistence Market Research.

The report, “Global Market Study on Frozen Food: Frozen Ready Meals to be the Largest Segment by 2020,” says frozen foods have become an important part of the modern diet, as customers shift their dietary preferences towards ready-to-eat food products.

Availability of a wide range of frozen food products in different food categories is the factor driving the global frozen food market. Other driving factors are changing customer purchasing pattern and increasing urban population. Additionally, increasing number of working women is driving the global frozen food market. Majority of working women in the western countries don’t cook food at home.

Europe has the largest market share for frozen food, followed by North America and Asia Pacific. In Asia Pacific, economic developments paired with increasing urbanization and disposable income are some factors driving the frozen food market in the Asia-Pacific region. Owing to these factors, Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth in the forecasted period.

Global frozen food market grew from USD 111,400.0 million in 2010 to USD 122,084.6 million in 2013 at a CAGR of 3.1 percent in value terms. Under regional segment, the European frozen food market the (largest market in 2013) increased by 2.8 percent CAGR during 2010-2013. The Asia-Pacific frozen food market is expected to show highest CAGR growth of 6.0 percent during 2014-2020 to reach USD 46,014.4 million in 2020. 


New ingredients shape future of ready meals market: Canadean

Ready meal manufacturers must innovate with new ingredients and premium products to cater for consumers who are turning to convenient ready meals to free up more time.

Busy urbanites look for convenient products

According to a new Canadean report, consumers seek products that suit their hectic lifestyles, influencing US$314 billion of food and beverages consumption in 2013. Parents, those with busy jobs and young urbanites without traditional cooking skills are most likely to look for fast and convenient food preparation. Urban males between the age of 16 and 35 alone are responsible for 16.7 percent of food and beverage consumption by volume in 2013. Kirsty Nolan, analyst at Canadean, says “people want to free up some time on their busy schedules and are actively looking for convenient products to reduce the time they spend on food preparation.”

New challenges ahead for microwavable food

The report shows that the search for convenience is one of the key factors why microwavable food continues to be a huge trend – despite consumers growing increasingly aware of healthy eating. Nolan says: “Since its initial launch in the late 60s, the countertop microwave oven has become an essential in modern kitchens globally. The challenge for ready meal manufacturers in the coming years will be to come up with new, innovative products that are positioned around premium quality.”

Ingredients manufacturers such as Budenheim will help to bring microwavable innovations to the market. Budenheim launched Budal MW500 – a new ingredient that keeps microwavable snacks, such as baked goods, crispy on the outside. This allows food manufacturers to further expand their microwavable cuisine range to include croissants and pastries, which previously have not fared well during microwave preparation. Nolan adds: “Such innovations are making traditional cooking skills obsolete, providing busy consumers with the opportunity to spend time on other activities.”


John West’s Tuna Pasta Salad

Product name: Tuna Pasta Salad

Product manufacturer: John West

Ingredients: Balsamic Dressing: Cooked pasta (40%) (durum wheat semolina, egg white) Purse seine caught skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis) (23%), onion (17%), tomato products (4%) (tomato paste, dried tomato), water, balsamic vinegar (3.5%), red capsicum, sunflower oil, sugar, dried red capsicum, salt, garlic powder, spices, basil.

Shelf life: 18 months

Packaging: 190g tubs

Product manager: Katie Saunders, General Manager Shelf Grocery

Brand website:

What the company says
The range is available in three new flavours including Mexican Salsa, Italian Style and Balsamic Dressing. At less than 1,000kJ per serve, John West’s Tuna Pasta Salad is the ultimate power lunch.

The new Tuna Pasta Salad range will be available for purchase in Woolworths and Independent supermarkets and in Coles from November 2014.

The range delivers a blend of tuna and vegetables, combined with pasta served in ready to eat packs. Each pack is a source of omega-3 and is the perfect option for people on the go, conveniently designed so no heating is required.

The ready to eat serves of Tuna Pasta Salad are designed for consumption straight from the tub and comes with a spork for convenience.

UP&GO Oats2Go

Product name: UP&GO Oats2Go Banana & Honey Flavour

Product manufacturer: Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing

Ingredients: Filtered water, wholegrain oat flour (3.1%), skim milk powder, cane sugar, fructose, soy protein, inulin, banana puree (1%), milk protein concentrate, vegetable oils (sunflower, canola), mineral (calcium), flavours, food acid (332, 300, 330), vegetable gum

Shelf life: Six months

Packaging: 250mL tetra pack

Product manager: Daniel Derrick – General Manager – Marketing, Sanitarium

Brand website:

Describe the product
Oats2GO is a delicious liquid breakfast from one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing.

New to the much loved UP&GO range, Oats2Go is the only liquid breakfast in the country to contain a source of real wholegrain oats. It also has all the protein, energy and fibre of a bowl of oats and skim milk*, and is 99 percent fat free, low GI and high in fibre as well as protein, so you can make the most of your mornings, your way.

Michelle Reid, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist at Sanitarium, said Oats2Go provides 50 percent of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for calcium.

“Nearly two thirds of Australians are skipping breakfast with as many as one in five, or more than three million people, skipping breakfast most days of the week. On days when time just gets away, Oats2Go is a brilliant option as it contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s high in B vitamins to help release the energy needed to kickstart your day, as part of a balanced diet rich in vitamins B1, B2, and B3.”

Oats 2Go is available in three delicious flavours – Banana & Honey, Cocoa, and Creamy Vanilla.

* Based on the amount of protein, energy and fibre of 30g of oats and 125mL of skim milk.

Mueso muesli

Product name: Mueso

Product manufacturer: Mueso

Ingredients: coconut, puffed quinoa, triticale oats, barberry, goji berry, cinnamon, utmeg, diced apples, dig, almond, walnut, coconut sugar

Shelf life: 6 months

Packaging: clear stand up pouch

Product manager:  Victoria Wein

Brand website:

What the company says
Mueso is the latest trending Melbourne made muesli to fill up bowls nationwide! Mueso offers a unique blend of ingredients to tantalise taste buds, some of the ingredients include: caramelised figs, coconut sugar, antioxidant filled goji berries, tritcale oats and even barberries.

Mueso is the brainchild of local food enthusiast Victoria Wein who has been working on Mueso in her home kitchen in order to find the perfect blend and bring forth a new player to the muesli market.

The company has been established to provide a high quality product. All the ingredients in the 500 gram pouch have all been sourced from the best supplier; one of the suppliers is from Western Australia. Additionally, Mueso will be ensuring that from each packet sold, they will be giving back to the local community.

The company is going to be giving back through the use of crowdsourcing initiatives. Their website ( is providing a means for people to email in suggestions about how and where Mueso should help those in need. The company’s primary focus is to provide Mueso during the most important meal of the day, breakfast! They want to ensure people are being fed a wholesome and delicious breakfast.


Quorn Pies and Schnitzels

Product name: Quorn Pies and Schnitzels

Product manufacturer: Quorn

Ingredients: Mince and Potato Pie: Water, wheat flour (iron, thiamin, niacin, calcium carbonate), Quorn Mince (18%) [mycoprotein* (16%), rehydrated free range egg white, firming agent (calcium chloride), acidity regulator (calcium acetate), barley malt extract, caramelised sugar], vegetables 14% [potato (6%), onion, swede, carrot], vegetable oil, maize starch, salt, canola oil, free range egg, yeast extract, emulsifier (471), milk, sage, white pepper, wheat maltodextrin, dextrose, sunflower oil, raising agent (503)

Shelf life: Approximately 18 months

Packaging: 400g cardboard box with two pies in each.

Product manager: Suzanne Harman

Brand website:

What the company says  
Mince & Potato Pies (200g each) – This pie features a meat and soy-free form of high quality protein with diced potato in a rich savoury gravy topped with puff pastry.

Chicken-Style & Leek Pies (200g each) – Inspired by the household favourite, meat-free, soy-free chicken style pieces are combined with sweet leeks and a rich, tasty creamy sauce topped with puff pastry.

Tomato & Cheese Schnitzels (240g each) – Better than any pub meal, the chicken-style schnitzels are covered with a tomato and cheese sauce and coated in crunchy golden breadcrumbs.

Beak & Sons Classic Meatball

Product name: Beak & Sons Classic Meatball

Product manufacturer: Beak & Johnston

Ingredients: Beef, Tomato Diced, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Thickener 1422, Onion, Stock powder, Herbs, Preservative 223, Dextrose, Tomato Paste, Food Acids 330 300, Spices, Natural Flavour, Garlic, Herb Extract, Spice Extract

Shelf life: 14 days

Packaging: plastic trays


What the company says
Beak & Sons has introduced a fresh take on the classic meatball recipe with juicy tomato flavours and delicious Italian herbs that enhance the rich, tender beef. A versatile family favourite Beak & Sons Classic Meatballs can be served for any occasion and prepared pan-fried, baked or barbecued. Serve with a favourite side for a simple and satisfying meal, or mixed into pasta for a classic spaghetti and meatballs dish.