Increasing diagnostics for roller conveyor systems

With the new EP7402 EtherCAT Box from Beckhoff, the control architecture and cabling of roller conveyor systems become more efficient. With the high IP67 protection rating, this compact motor controller for BLDC motors is ideally suited for conveyor tasks in intralogistics and assembly technology as well as in the packaging, food and beverage industries.

The EP7402 EtherCAT Box offers two outputs with integrated motion controller for the direct connection of 24 V DC conveyor roller motors or other BLDC motors (up to 3.5 A). Eight additional digital inputs/outputs enable connection of e.g. photoelectric switches and communication between the different box modules in operation without a PLC.

The EP7402 takes over the complete control of a roller motor independently of the conveyor or motor manufacturer. The control of the motors is sensorless. Maximum rated current, acceleration or deceleration ramps and various other parameters can be configured, allowing optimal adaptation to different applications.

In conveyor operation the EP7402 can also be operated without a PLC and provides functions such as Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA), single or block discharge. Further EtherCAT devices such as digital and analog I/Os, barcode readers or safety devices can be connected to the additional EtherCAT junction. The EtherCAT Box with IP67 protection rating measures only 174mm x 60mm x 36.5mm and can be easilymounted in standard C-channel or L-brackets on the conveyor frame. It requires no additional protective covering, which saves additional installation space. Power supply and EtherCAT communication take place via a single cable with a B23 ENP hybrid connector (28 A/45 °C current carrying capacity).

Conveying goods precisely and quickly with igus knife edge rollers

Knife edge rollers from igus are offering optimum results in high speed conveying applications through precise and quick movement of goods, especially in constrained spaces.

Gentle and speedy transport of goods is critical in the materials handling and packaging industry. When conveyor belts have to be deflected with precision in narrow spaces with narrow radii, knife edge rollers from igus offer a cost-effective, lubrication-free and maintenance-free solution. Developed by igus from the high performance plastic iglidur H1 material especially for belt deflections in applications involving high transport speeds, the new knife edge rollers not only deliver better performance at higher conveying speeds but also have a very long service life even at high temperatures.

Since the rollers are exposed to aggressive cleaning media, the use of the chemically resistant iglidur H1 material delivers an important advantage to the application. These rollers are, therefore, particularly suitable for the packaging, materials handling, automation and food technology sectors.

The use of iglidur H1 in the latest knife edge rollers expands the igus range to a total of four materials. To implement exact deflection of conveyor belts, igus has developed a standard range for different application areas.

In addition to the new iglidur H1 for high transport speeds, igus offers the universally applicable iglidur P210, as well as the FDA-compliant material iglidur A180 for temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, and iglidur A350 for application environments with temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius, both of which are particularly suitable for use in the food industry.

All the rollers are characterised by a compact design and long service life, thus contributing to the high efficiency of the machines.

New sensors for roller conveyor systems

The new Wenglor reflex sensors with background suppression for roller conveyor systems are high performance sensors that are quick and easy to mount. 

The new reflex sensors can be used to control and detect objects on roller conveyor systems. They are suitable for warehouse and logistics centres and can reliably detect small packages with widths as small as 150mm, with conveyor widths of up to 900mm. Dark objects can also be reliably detected due to the precision of background suppression.

The sensors offer a fast-clip mounting system that reduces installation and maintenance time and cost by up to 60 per cent compared to conventional screw type mounting systems. With just a single click to mount, they offer a secure, stable mounting system with a long service life.

The quick wiring feature allows the wiring effort to be reduced by 90 per cent, with the M12 plug turning just 180° to securely connect to the sensor. The cables are also compatible with all standard cables.

Switching distances can be detected and adjusted extremely quick and easily due to the new 270° scaled potentiometer, even when the sensor is not operating.

Thanks to the eco mode, the current consumption is reduced by 75 per cent for the solenoid valve and even more in the switched state, to less than 16mA. It can be used in temperatures from -40°C to 60°C.