Australia’s first alcoholic root beer set for release

East 9th Brewing is set to release Australia’s first alcoholic root beer, named ‘Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer’.

According to the company, the new beverage will offer a signature blend of flavours including Sassafras, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Ginger. Served over ice (at 4.0%ABV), it is being marketed as a “sessionable alternative to traditional beers”.

The product features a psychedelic label designed by to London-based artist Cei Willis (of Vice mag fame).

According to the company, alcoholic root beer is set to be the next big thing in alcohol.  In the US, countless brands have hit the market in an effort to secure their slice of what’s already shaping up to be a multi-million dollar category (over $111 million USD so far in 2015, according to IRI Worldwide research, with the brand ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ the clear category leader).

Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer will be available nationally from next month. It’s also part of the East 9th Brewing family, which includes Fog City Cloudy Cider, Fog City Red Sangria, Doss Blockos Pale Lager and Lick Pier Ginger Beer.

Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer

Product Name: Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer

Product Manufacturer: East 9th Brewing

Launch date: April 2016

Ingredients: Preservative (202,220) added for freshness

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Packaging: 330mL Bottles/4x4x330ML (16) Case

Product Manager: Benjamin Cairns

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website:

Describe the product: Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer sets the scene of a retrospective window into the future with a glimpse of all the outrageous, awesome things you’ve already done in your upcoming destiny. With a signature blend of flavours including Sassafras, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Ginger, this Alcoholic Root Beer delivers an experience like no other. Served over ice (at 4.0%ABV), Future Memoirs Of A Root Beer provides and interesting and sessionable alternative to traditional beers.

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