Seen but not heard? Frontline workers still face a battle to be listened to on issues that matter most to them

The majority of American, Australian, and British frontline workers (67 per cent) say that they are never, rarely, or only sometimes listened to on topics that matter to them the most  – operations (54 per cent), safety (46 per cent), and health/wellbeing (49 per cent) – according to new research by SafetyCulture. Read More

Buyer beware: EHS due diligence is more important than ever

With every merger and acquisition (M&A) deal comes a range of potentially significant risks. You don’t want to unnecessarily pay more for an asset than it’s worth, and you certainly don’t want expensive surprises or obstacles once you’ve already signed on the bottom line. That’s why it’s essential to understand, as fully as possible, just what you’re getting into. Read More

Food and beverage lead the way in COVID-19 hygiene solutions

Whether it be a hospital, aged care facility, catering or any other commercial kitchen, the way these premises will be designed and built has changed forever according to Total Construction’s Tony Tate and Rob Blythman. Tate, the company’s general manager of Food and Beverage, and Blythman, who is the general manager of Total’s Engineering Construction Group, both know that the pandemic has altered the way processes are carried out in order to make sure customers stay healthy.

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Food manufacturing cleaning: best practices

In hospitality and food manufacturing environments, cleanliness is essential, especially in an era where traceability is coming under more scrutiny. However, many production floor managers and hospitality
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