The SliceScope – Scientifica’s slimeline, versatile upright microscope

Introducing Scientifica’s SliceScope, which is a stable, compact and slimline upright microscope. Its modular and versatile design enables it to be used for a range of neuroscience techniques including electrophysiology, fluorescence imaging, two- and three-photon imaging and optogenetics.

The slim profile allows easy placement of other equipment around a sample, including manipulators, light sources and perfusion systems. It provides users with the ability to remotely control the objective and condenser, which enables focus and Koehler to be controlled away from the sample area and ensures a high level of useability in dark/cramped areas and in vivo samples.

The SliceScope is compatible with a range of Olympus objectives, condensers, eyepieces and light sources. It’s also compatible with fluorescence turrets and a range of contrast techniques including devices such as LEDs, halogens and broad spectrum white light sources.