CHOICE spits the dummy over infant formula shortages

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has provided a list of suggestions that the Federal Government could use to ensure Australian mums have access to infant formula for children under the age of one.

In addition to encouraging parents to report shortages at retailers or supermarkets across the country, CHOICE has called on the government to enforce rules that limit the number of tins that can be brought at one time.

CHOICE media spokesperson’s Kate Browne says the popularity of formula feeding in China has meant that health and quality problems become more commonplace as the middle class has continued to rise.

“Babies under one often need formula for nutrition and for some it’s their only reliable food source. Consumers need protections so they can ensure their babies receive enough nutrients.”

“It’s now time for the Federal Government to act to ensure access to a reliable baby formula supply to protect some of the nation’s youngest and most vulnerable consumers,” Browne said.

In discussing the food shortage with Food Magazine, Browne looked to solutions put forward in Hong Kong and New Zealand that addressed the problem with a range of options –including stockpiling formula in a similar fashion to normal medications.