Looking down the barrel of a bottle

As a primary supplier of cap closures and bottles, Australian brand FPC Food Plastics (FPC) has been supplying bottling services to the dairy, fruit juice and food service markets for more than 20 years. With a focus in dairy, its bottles range from 150mL to 5 litres in capacity. Read More

Safety solutions ensure safe movement of high racks

The Czech partner KREDIT manufactures mobile high-bay shelving systems and sells these all over the world. Its customers store a wide variety of goods in the shelves, from paper rolls to icecream, from automotive spare parts to frozen foods. To provide protection as these racks weighing several tons move about in a warehouse, and also to detect any feet and manned forklift trucks, the company set out to find a competent logistics automation partner. The intralogistics applications from SICK offer a suitable solution for this company’s needs. Read More