Long-life smoked eggs launched

The Smoked Egg Company has released Australian-made smoked eggs using an innovative chilled smoking technology – that sees an egg lasting up to120 days.

Family run and owned and based out of a free range hen farm in regional Victoria along the banks of the Barwon River, just outside of Geelong – The Smoked Egg Company was formed in 2017 by Julie and Paul Kos.

The new smoked eggs will be officially launched this month across participating IGA stores nationally in Australia.

Key features of the smoked egg include:

  • Long shelf life of 120 days
  • The chilled smoked eggs contain the same nutritional value as a regular egg
  • Unique smoked- flavour profile
  • Modernising the culinary classic recipes
  • Chilled smoking process stalls the aging of the eggs

The smoked egg is still a raw egg with the same structure and benefits Aussie’s love – able to be enjoyed on its own or combined for a smoky twist on family favourite recipes– with an exciting egg smoked liquid concentrate set to be released in the next six months for a better cooking experience and added beautiful smoky flavour.