Authentic Sourdough range


Brumby’s is launching an authentic sourdough range which includes four new products, each made with levain culture.

According to recent research for IBIS World, Australian consumers are spending more on high quality, freshly baked bread products and focusing more on health awareness. This sourdough range caters for the increased consumer demand for healthier, more artisan style products.

“We’ve been working on developing a new range that fits into the artisan category, focuses on health consciousness and also caters to consumers’ gourmet entertaining needs,” said Brumby’s Bakery General Manager David Dinnes.

He said the baking process is part of Brumby’s authentic baking roots delivering a superior product for customers.

“The difference between a traditional Sourdough loaf and our Authentic Sourdough loaf is the starter we use called ‘levain’, which is an active bacteria culture that is added to the bread to help make it rise,” he said.

“Levain is not as sour as other starters that are used in commercial kitchens and needs to rest for 12 hours to ferment before it can be kneaded and shaped.

“The baking process is quite complex which is why our bakers call it a labour of love.”

The range launches this week and includes Authentic Sourdough, Authentic Sourdough Baguette, Authentic Sourdough Fig & Walnut, and Authentic Sourdough Fig and Walnut Baguette.