New stock powder range

Continental has introduced its new range of stock powders with completely new recipes and innovative packaging.

The new line includes chicken stock powder, chicken salt reduced stock powder, beef stock powder, salt reduced stock powder.

“We have developed completely new recipes that have a richer and more authentic taste. The new recipes also include a reduction in salt which aligns with Unilever’s Sustainability Living Plan to improve the health and wellbeing of more than a billion people worldwide,” said Alberto Peixeiro, Head of Research and Development at Continental.

This focus on authenticity has seen the company ensure its stocks are made with only natural flavours, and in the case of the chicken variants, all natural colours too. Continental has also increased the meat content across all stock powders to give additional flavour.

To ease portion control and reduce mess and waste in the kitchen, the new stock powder range is available in a completely new packaging format which allows consumers to sprinkle or scoop the stock powder straight from the pack.

Peixeiro added, “The design incorporates a sprinkle lid, as well as an induction seal which improves the freshness of the product. The new packaging also allows for dual usage – in addition to the more conventional spoonable method, you can also shake the stock powder directly into your recipe for a flavour boost.”

“We felt it was time for the stock category to experience a bit of a shake up and we see this new range as the perfect way to add flavour to home-cooking in a simple way.”