Good Pair Days offers compostable/ biodegradeable packaging

As the movement for sustainability continues unabated, more wine producers are moving towards farming and wine-making that is both good for the earth and marketable.

To support this industry growth and further the journey towards sustainability, Good Pair Days has taken the opportunity to redesign its packaging, removing all plastic.

Good Pair Days went on journey to come up with an innovative way to package wine, ending with the sugarcane plant, which is the world’s largest crop by production quantity, with over 2 billion tonnes produced annually.

After all the sucrose is extracted from the plant, producers are left with waste. Good Pair Days now repurposes that waste to give customer’s wines a protective bed to lie in when shipped to them each month.

Its new inserts offer protection to the wine. However, a  new insert alone wasn’t enough. Good Pair Days took the time to redesign their cartons, integrating a handle into the packaging structure to remove the use of plastics. This little change means a lot. All packaging can now be either recycled (in the case of its cardboard cartons) or composted (like its new inserts.)

No matter what customers do with Good Pair Days boxes, once they are done with them, they go back into the earth.