New glass technology to replace straws?

The very first plastic straw you ever used will be on the planet long after you’re not. Australians use over 10 million straws a day, which now feature in the top 10 of all ocean pollutants, yet they are still so popular.

Single-use straws are readily available through to bars and restaurants. The good news is that the masterminds behind new glassware brand Wave have spent the past six months developing a new concept to help eliminate plastic straw pollution. New Wave Glass will put an end to the need for disposable straws, and is inspired by the very thing it’s trying to protect – the ocean. With revolutionary, patented Dual-Chamber Technology, Wave Glass has an internal wall that sits down into the vessel – separating it into two chambers.

One chamber holds liquid mixed with crushed ice and garnish (or whatever features in your preferred drink). The other vessel acts as the drinking chamber, allowing only the chilled liquid from the bottom of the vessel to be enjoyed.

Plastic straws are too small to be recycled, with a huge proportion ending up in the Earth’s
oceans, and it’s estimated by 2050 every seabird will have plastic in its stomach. Plastic
ingested by fish is even entering the human food chain.

Now is the time to act, which is why Wave’s creators teamed up with The Last Straw to
support their cause and come up with a solution.

Eva Mackinley, Founder The Last Straw, says, “Over the last few years the plastic straw has
almost become a symbol of the waste-free movement. People, where possible, have widely changed their thinking and behaviour around disposable plastic straw use.

“While the market is becoming full of disposable alternatives vying for primacy, I have always believed the heart of it is about just using less, or engaging with BYO and reusable options.

The Wave Glass design offers the convenience of a straw but without the disposable factor.
The future of sustainability is material innovation and out of the box design solutions like