AIP: How Do I Design a Test if I Don’t Know My Supply Chain? webinar

Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Members to access ‘How Do I Design a Test if I Don’t Know My Supply Chain’ Webinar for Free

As part of the partnership with the IoPP, all AIP Members will have access to the How Do I Design a Test if I Don’t Know My Supply Chain? webinar on 17 September

The presenter will be Rodney Prater, Principal Packaging Engineer, SC Johnson & Son Inc., who has 26 years in the industry.  Rodney manages the distribution test laboratory at SC Johnson and applicable distribution test protocols.

Problem: How can you properly design, test and validate your product to withstand the rigors of distribution within a region and from one region to another region?

Solution: Understand your supply chain handling process and create a test protocol for more robust and faster validation.

This webinar will walk you through the steps of the intuitive, informative and interactive process map of SC Johnson’s global supply chain environment to assist in product development and validation. You will learn how to utilise process maps to create regional simulated distribution test protocols.

Additionally, you learn how to create a BCT (Box Compression Test) tool and PSF (Product Support Factor) procedure for a corrugate performance-based specification that is supplier agnostic based on the regional supply chain criteria.

Due to the different time zones it would be difficult for AIP Members to attend the live webinar but you can register to view the rebroadcast – simply email  by the 16th of September to register to view the recording.

The AIP will arrange your FREE access to the rebroadcast of this IoPP webinar – a USD$99 saving and special benefit of your AIP membership.

The next generation soft starter from Siemens – Exclusive webinar

With the new SIRIUS 3RW5 range of soft starters, Siemens offer a new generation of soft starters that satisfy simple to demanding drive requirements. This comprehensive range of devices enables efficient and future-proof machine concepts to be implemented easily and cost-effectively.

The new Sirius 3RW5 soft starters can be used in a host of applications from pumping, ventilating and compressing, to moving and processing. In addition, the soft starters feature special functions such as starting time monitoring, automatic parameterisation (depending on motor start-up), pump stop to avoid pressure peaks in piping systems, and condition monitoring with warning and alarm limits.

They are also designed to be electrically rugged to fluctuations in line voltages and for added application flexibility, the devices are suitable for global use thanks to numerous certificates and approvals such as IEC, UL and CSA.

The new SIRIUS 3RW5 soft starter generation is fitted with modern hybrid switching technology to ensure efficient switching and energy-saving operation. This enables low-wear switching, extends the service life of the devices and provides mechanical protection for the drive train.

A further advantage when using the new 3RW5 generation of soft starters is the provision of data, for CAx tools like Eplan, for example. In addition, the Simulation Tool for Soft Starters (STS) helps the user to make a simple product selection. The new 3RW5 soft starters can be configured and commissioned easily and in a standardized manner in the TIA Portal using the Soft Starter ES engineering software. They are simply linked up to the automation system by means of the various communication options.

To help you experience this market leading soft starter and it’s benefits sooner, you’re invited to join APS and Siemens for an exclusive webinar featuring the market’s leading soft starter solutions! If you’re designing a new machine in the near future, this not to be missed webinar will showcase the support you’ll have available with sophisticated solutions for pumps, compressors, fans, and conveyor belts, or with process development.

– Planning & Engineering
– Commissioning
– Operation & Service

Tuesday, 13th of October, 2020

10:00am – 10:45am (Eastern Standard Time)

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The rise of plant-based meats in Asia Pacific 

Globally and within APAC, there has been a spike in plant-based start-ups and a flood of new faux-meat products entering the market.

Many of them are backed by major multinationals and investors. The better known of these plant-based meats are formatted around western cuts such as burgers and nuggets. They are also highly processed.

Join Mintel’s expert analysts, Jolene Ng and Jodie Minotto, as we explore the fast-evolving world of plant-based meats and their role in the future diet of the Asian consumers. Our topic of discussion will include:

  • Will these products gain traction among consumers in Asia?
  • Are Asian consumers seeking plant-based versions of meats they are more familiar with?
  • Or, already familiar with ‘mock meats’, will they rather seek out the real thing?

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How important is “Australian-Made” in food and drink? 

In the face of a looming recession, questions about price and value are at the forefront of consumers’ concerns. At the same time consumers are more aware of where their food comes from, and there is a growing desire to support local companies. How can brands capitalise on these  consumer sentiments?

Mintel’s Purchase Intelligence tool tells you what new products Australian consumers want to buy and why. Join us as our Senior Food and Drink Analyst, Megan Stanton delves into the topic of ‘Australian-made’ and how consumers judge this claim.

We will discuss

  • Which brands are doing “Australian made” well?
  • Which consumers are most interested in Australian made products?
  • Is the  per cent of Australian made ingredients important to consumers?
  • Will consumers pay for the benefit of ‘Australian-made’?

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Reuse and Recycle free webinar event

Event Name: Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. Changing the way you use plastic in your supply chain to reduce costs, improve safety & help the planet

Date: Thu, Aug 20, 2020 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM AEST

Webinar Description: Join Signet and Ronnie Curteis from Bundaberg Brewed Drinks for Signet’s second Unpack it! webinar and learn how to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic effectively in your supply chain.

In this webinar, we breakdown how Signet customer Bundaberg Brewed Drinks reduced and optimised their pallet wrap usage resulting in cost-savings, increased efficiency, improved load containment and an overall reduction in waste.



About Unpack it! 
Unpack it! is your virtual serve of the latest in packaging processes and industry insights created, curated and narrated by Signet. In this series, we unpack innovative ideas and forward-thinking solutions from industry experts on how to step up your packaging practices to help save time, costs and your impact on the environment.

How COVID-19 is impacting Sustainable Packaging & Global Recycling Targets webinar

The third installment in the Propak five-part global series of webinars will be held on 19 August at 5.00 pm AEST and will include a speaker from the AIP.

Webinar 3 in the series will discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the packaging industry in relation to Sustainable Packaging & Global Recycling Targets. The interactive session will include a global panel of experts who will discuss Global Sustainable Design Targets, the revival of Single Use Packaging, the revival of plastics packaging to secure food and Littering/Collection contaminated PPE-recycling issues.

The panellists will include: Nerida Kelton MAIP, Executive Director – Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)/ANZ Board Member – World Packaging Organisation (WPO), Aslihan Arikan, President – Asian Packaging Federation (APF)/Vice President Education – World Packaging Organisation (WPO),

Henky Wibawa, President, Indonesian Packaging Federation (IPF) and Chakravarthi AVPS, Global Ambassador, World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

The Series is run by Informa Markets, in collaboration with the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), and supported by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP).

Additional Webinars will discuss How COVID-19 is impacting ‘The role that packaging plays in Food Waste and Food Insecurity’ (23 September) and ‘Global Supply Chains’ (21 October).

All AIP Members will attain Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) points by attending this webinar.

LIVE WEBINAR: Five common pain points that distributors share and how the right software can solve them

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

– Warehouse management grief?
– Communication breakdown?
– Tight margin pressure?
– Delayed workflow?
– Employee resistance?

Do you want to improve but don’t know where to start?

Register for this Webinar, as it will cover:
– Gap analysis – how to analyse where you are now and where you want to be
– Best practice for wholesale distribution and manufacturing
– How to evaluate your current system and plan for growth
– When you should evaluate software vendors

– Tim Plunkett, Senior Sales Manager, Wholesale Distribution, Oracle Netsuite ANZ
– James Burt, CFO at Seven Mile Coffee Roasters

Melanie Stark, Editor, MHD Supply Chain Solutions magazine

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Webinars to inform professionals about mycotoxins, food allergens/pathogens

Romer Labs, a provider of diagnostic solutions for the agriculture, food and feed industries, will host a series of webinars on analysing contaminants in food and feed. Subjects will cover mycotoxins, food allergens and food pathogens throughout the production and supply chain. The series aims to provide food safety professionals with insight into the latest regulations, current and emerging analytical trends as well as industry perspectives for safe food compliance.

One webinar will concentrate on food allergens in collaboration with Jasmine Lacis-Lee from the Allergen Bureau. Topics will range from recent analytical developments to current allergen management strategies. The webinar will take place on 20 May 2019.

“Romer Labs is constantly at the forefront of diagnostic technology in our mission to make the world’s food safer. The webinars are designed to help manufacturers ensure that their food and feed products are in compliance with regulations and industry standards”, said Yong Wee Liau, managing director of Romer Labs Asia.

The Allergen Bureau is the chief industry body representing allergen management in the food industry in Australia and New Zealand and aims to share information and best practices.