Taking a snap at the Awards

This year’s Confectionery Awards included the Highly Commended Croc Chocs — a product line of 20 gram, portion controlled, single serve chocolates in the shape of a crocodile.

Available in three varieties — Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Cream and Caramel Cream — Croc Choc packs aim to be an educational snack that lets kids learn about their environment while munching away on a delicious and fun chocolate bar.

“For us, being a new player in the confectionery market, the recognition of the Awards was wonderful,” said The Incredible Chocolate Company’s managing director, Noel Watson.

“It really gave us an insight into who our competitors are and what they’re doing and not doing. As a business it shows that we’ve actually taken the right steps towards building a product that assists the next generation.”

The Crocs come with collectable swap cards containing glossy colour photographs of endangered species in their natural habitats as well as fact files which provide a wealth of information about the animals in a fun, informative and accessible format.

The Incredible Chocolate Company was formed in late 2005 from a mission to bring cause into confectionery via enterprise and innovation, a significant portion of sales goes directly to Australia Zoo to aid in conservation and wildlife recovery efforts.

“To have our efforts recognised was really important to us,” said Watson. “The feedback we had on the night was great and lots of people came up and talked to us about what we’re doing, so it was a great launching platform for us.

“The Highly Commended Award gives us credibility. We walked away from the Awards thinking that it was a great night, and that it could lead us to wherever we might want in the future.”

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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