Tall Timbers Brewing Co toasts distribution potential with new grant

Tall Timbers

Tall Timbers Brewing Co, a brewery based in Manjimup in WA, is tasting success after receiving support through the state government’s Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants to significantly crank up production and get its products on shelves. 

With an additional 23,500L of fermentation tank space boosting capacity, Tall Timbers Brewing Co has been able to increase the volume of beverages it produces, allowing the company to distribute throughout Perth and the Southwest. 

“The Southern Forests is well-known as an agricultural heartland, producing quality food and beverages that are putting this area of Western Australia on the map,” WA Regional Development minister Alannah MacTiernan said. 

“With support from a RED Grant, we have been able to support a local brewery to grow, giving people a chance to have a taste of this area without leaving home. The Southern Forests is a great culinary tourism destination, and we hope that more people are inspired to visit this wonderful patch of the Southwest.” 

Since late last year, the brewery has been actively selling directly to outlets, with an additional 40 bottle shops and 20 tap points in hospitality venues now supporting the brand. 

Previously, Tall Timbers Brewing Co mostly sold from its restaurant located across the road from the brewery or on a contract basis to hospitality venues in Perth. 

As well as lifting production levels by 400,000L of beer or cider annually and allowing for distribution plans to realise the expansion has unlocked new opportunities for local growers. 

“The McGowan government’s investment of $92,714, through the RED Grants scheme, has helped the brewery boost production levels and increase distribution, while creating new job opportunities,” Warren-Blackwood MLA Jane Kelsbie said. 

“Local growers have also benefitted from the expansion, with Tall Timbers creating beverage options that use the pulp of second grade fruit from across the region.” 

Tall Timbers Brewing Co plans to release seasonal fruit sour beers alongside cider that will use the pulp of second grade fruit. 

Its first fruit sour beer will be made using the queen garnet plum fruit, as well as developing alcoholic and non-alcoholic carbonated drinks creating fruit flavours pulped from local fruits. 

To support output, new employment opportunities have been created. The brewery is housed in a building purpose-built by the Swan Brewery in the 1970s. 

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