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Tapping into opportunities provided by MEGATRANS

Hard Surface Cleaners, an Australian-owned company providing nationwide high-pressure cleaning, will be attending MEGATRANS after recognising the opportunities the expo provides. 

MEGATRANS, a prominent event in the logistics and transportation sphere, is slated to take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 18 to 19, 2024. 

This biennial gathering is projected to draw in 8000 significant buyers and procurement managers across various sectors, encompassing fleets, retailers, ware-houses, logistics firms, and 3PL providers.

Recognising the opportunities presented by MEGATRANS is commercial pressure washing experts, Hard Surface Cleaners. 

Hard Surface Cleaners, which offers nationwide solutions for premium commercial pressure cleaning, has built a strong portfolio of customers in other industries and are ready to branch out.

“We specialise in high pressure cleaning, but on a commercial scale,” said Greg Matthews, managing director, Hard Surface Cleaners. 

 “For example, we do all the Aldi stores across Australia, petrol station wash downs, and we do some work for Bunnings along with regular work for private schools where we clean their concrete and wash down their buildings.

“Last year we did the Australian School’s Business Association, which is a targeted market for us.”

One way in which Hard Surface Cleaners seek out and tap into new clients is through taking advantage of the opportunities provided by trade shows, and MEGATRANS has become the latest expo the company is dipping into. 

“We have found over the years when we do a trade show, and we are selective on which ones we choose to do, we will usually walk away with a couple of new clients,” said Matthews. 

“We did an educational expo a handful of years ago and walked away with a contract from the Brisbane Archdiocese. 

“Recently we identified logistics companies as fertile ground for customers who re-quire our services and expertise. We did some research about who to chase and that’s when we settled on MEGATRANS.” 

With its work for supermarkets and some fast-food chains in the past, Hard Sur-face Cleaners have a proven track record of exterior commercial wash downs for food and beverage companies. 

And while the company has the expertise and right tools to do interior wash down, they tend to focus on the exterior. 

“We have the equipment to go inside, for example we have truck with vacuum capabilities so we can go inside and high pressure a room and suck the water out if there is no drainage. But it’s the exterior we focus on,” he said. 

“The mental attitude in Australia is changing and people are becoming more conscious on outside cleanliness, especially food companies with a public facing image.

“We have learnt a lot over the years which has benefited our customers.” 

Matthews agreed MEGATRANS, and trade shows like it, provided fertile ground for businesses looking to network with key stakeholders and looks forward to the company’s first year at the expo. 

The services and expertise provided by Hard Surface Cleaners can be broken down into several categories, from high quality washing services to being eco-friendly, state of the art, and customised where needed. 

And now Hard Surface Cleaners want to apply this experience and expertise to the logistics sector. To learn more from the company firsthand, visit their stall at MEGATRANS2024. 

Meanwhile, MEGATRANS is set to shift gears in 2024 with a renewed focus on sustainability in the sector.

In acknowledgment of evolving industry needs, MEGATRANS2024 will unveil a novel segment focused on addressing the electrification of fleets. This addition aims to cater to decision-makers in pursuit of pioneering solutions to advance sustainability within their operations.

“The sustainable supply chain is going to be the top focus this year,” said MEGATRANS show director Lauren Chartres.  

“The past few years have been about securing supply chains at any cost, after they were disrupted by the pandemic. Now that supply chains have settled, and stock levels risen, major logistics companies are telling us that they are looking to invest in sustainability.

“We need to start building up the next generation of the logistics industry now. And it needs to be reflective of this generation so the industry can mirror its values and set itself up for the future.”  

Exhibition sales are now open. If you are interested in exhibiting and you would like to know more, please visit www.megatrans.com.au, or contact Emily Robertson on +61 422 103 119.

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