Tasmania celebrates local drinks with its first Liquorland


Liquorland is opening its first store in Tasmania, delivering a national platform for the region’s beverage producers through the chain’s 750 store network. 

The Liquorland Glebe Hill Village store features a tailored selection of Tasmanian beverages, as well as Liquorland’s exclusive Tasmanian brands such as Beyond the Wilderness Wines and the Pure Origin Vodka and Gin. 

Coles Liquor chief executive, Darren Blackhurst, said the opening of the first Liquorland in Tasmania was an exciting day for the Liquorland business, customers and local beverage producers alike.  

“Our drive to be a simpler, more accessible and locally relevant drinks specialist can be seen with the launch of this store and the celebration of the Tasmanian brands we have in store for our customers,” Blackhurst said. “Local sourcing is a key focus and we are proud to partner with over 60 local suppliers and producers to showcase Tasmania further.” 

Renowned Tasmanian spirit producer Lark Distilling Co is confident the launch of Liquorland will benefit the state’s entire food and drink industry. 

“Our partnerships with retailers are absolutely essential to our success and Coles Liquor has demonstrated that it understands the value of an authentic collaboration,” Lark Distilling Co national account manager Phil Mack said. 

“Liquorland’s commitment to showcase local products will provide customers with the chance to learn more about Tasmania’s wonderful, local beverage makers. A collaborative retailer can bring these stories alive and provide customers with much more than just a Tasmanian-made beverage, they have a story they can share when they open their bottle to enjoy with friends or family.” 

Devil’s Corner senior brand manager, Tarynn Barrie, said Tasmania has been one of the fastest growing geographical wine regions in the country thanks to the support of consumers and retail partners such as Liquorland. 

“The exceptional wines we create wouldn’t exist without the challenges provided by our unique location in Tasmania,” Barrie said. “Tasmania is known for being one of the best places to grow pinot noir but we’re also at the mercy of nature in our wild little corner. Thankfully, we’ve learned to lean into the unrelenting and often unpredictable Tassie elements and harness them to create wines worthy of our place. 

“For anyone who can’t experience the Devil’s Corner cellar door, the Liquorland Team Members can share and educate shoppers on the Devil’s Corner story and the exceptional wines coming out of Tasmania, not only from us but many other brands. Ultimately, Liquorland will put more cool-climate Tasmanian wine on more tables around the country and that is good for the entire industry.” 

Liquorland Glebe Hill Village heralds a new chapter for Coles Liquor in Tasmania and an opportunity for customers to match Tasmanian produce from Coles with local wines, beers and spirits in one location. 

As part of Coles’ partnership with the Tasmanian government in 2021, all Tasmanian grown and made products are embellished with the Brand Tasmania trademark, making it easy to source locally. 

Glebe Hill Village Liquorland and Coles will support the creation of more than 100 new jobs and underpin the sustainable growth of Tasmania’s vibrant food and beverage sectors. 

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