Tasmania left off Australia biscuit

Tasmanians are not seeing the funny side to the little island south of Australia’s mainland being left out of a limited edition Australia-shaped biscuit.

Arnott’s Shapes have released the Australia biscuit in celebration of Australia Day on January 26, but while Tasmania is shown on the image on the box, it is absent from the actual biscuits inside.

Acting Tasmanian Premier Bryan Green told The Daily Telegraph the state should be included in the design.

"Some might say that’s the way the cookie crumbles but it would have been nice to see Tasmania receive the recognition it deserves on such an important day," he said.

Tasmania has often felt like the kid left out of the group at school, especially after being forgotten on Olympic medals and left off numerous maps.

Bu Arnott’s spokesperson Toni Jones said the decision to exclude Tassie from the biscuit came down to practicability, and was not a deliberate snub.

"It’s just that we didn’t have any way of including it without causing an unacceptable level of breakage," she said.

"We hope you understand and, please be assured, Tassie was included – rightly so – on all the packaging graphics.

“And we paid homage to (Launceston-born) Ricky Ponting on the back-of-pack quiz."

Shapes is not the only company getting into the Aussie spirit for the nation’s day of celebration, with Vegemite releasing limited edition jars with its temporary name, ‘Australia,’ and bios of everyday Australians doing great things, as well as Red Rock Deli releasing ‘Green and Gold’ party starters for the occasion.

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