Tasmanian food and beverage industry up $434 million in 5 years

Tasmania’s food and beverage sector has experienced a massive growth in the last five years, up $434 million.

The figures were revealed in the Department of Primary Industries annual update yesterday and according to senior industry development officer Hugh Griffiths, aquaculture has lead the growth.

"Salmon production has gone up an amazing 16,500 tonnes, valued at $250 million over the five year period,” he said.

“That’s almost getting onto a million dollars per week increase in production."

"The star performer also is poppies and pyrethrum, up $55 million".
An extra 74 million litres of milk has been produced, a $47 million boost for the industry, carrots are up $16 million and potatoes $39 million.

Grittiths says the figures are representative of a shift in Tasmania’s dependance on the export market, with interstate sales up $587 million while overseas export has seen an increase of $44 million.

"There’s been quite significant shifts to higher priced markets,” Griffiths said.

“We’ve seen additional sales to the mainland where the interstate markets are more stable and not associated with the problems of currency fluctuations.”

"The rule of thumb now is for every one dollar of product we sell to an overseas market, there’s an additional three dollars of product that goes to an interstate market."

Image: The ABC

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