Tassie’s GMO–free moratorium review to commence next month

Tasmanian Deputy Premier Bryan Green will be releasing the terms of reference today for a review of the state’s GMO-free status.

Green says that the review, which will commence next month, would give all stakeholders the opportunity to voice their opinion on the matter before the existing moratorium expires in November next year as reported by The Mercury.

The review will cover issues relating to the potential advantages and disadvantages of gmo technology across Tasmania's primary industries, including the food and non-food sectors.

Green says that the moratorium has served Tasmania well and believed that it should continue.

"Being GMO-free is a great fit with the Tasmanian brand and is vital to our success in discerning domestic and international markets,” he said in a statement.

"The current policy aims to position Tasmanian in the global marketplace as a producer of food that is genuinely GMO-free.”

The Tasmanian Greens have urged supporters of the state’s GMO-free status to make their voices heard, with spokesman Kim Booth stating that Tasmania’s market depended on it.

"Our GE-free status, current markets and future opportunities rely on it," he said.


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