Temperature, Humidity, and Shock in Food Logistics

When it comes to logistic services in the food industry, companies are generally liable when ensuring that products are delivered in a timely fashion that is consistent with transportation guidelines and restrictions. If the conditions during transport aren’t effectively maintained, it can lead to considerable losses of quality, right up to the complete devaluation of the monitored products.

Handling foods can also be quite complicated due to the potential danger it can cause to human health. The adherence to product-specific limit values and the uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain are crucial. In order to ensure every precaution it taken, food and logistic companies must comply with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) concept which guarantees food safety along the entire production chain.

Compliance with stringent refrigeration requirements are also vital, as in some instances, increased temperatures can promote degradation and bacterial growth conditions. Sub-freezing temperatures, temperature shocks, or fluctuations can also have the potential to cause hairline cracks in glass or plastic packaging. If this damage were to occur in food packaging, it could compromise the vacuum seal and may result in the product being unsafe to consume.

In many cases, the monitoring of humidity, shock, and temperature are relevant for effective food quality control, preventing financial loss, and protecting the health of the consumer. Another factor to be aware of in food logistics involves audit enterprises requesting the documentation of your production, storage, transportation, and delivery conditions. Safe guard your business by providing unquestionable evidence that your food handling processes are consistently monitored and are in compliance with HACCP.

With the help of the Testo 184 G1 data loggers, the prescribed temperature and humidity limit values as well as the shock tolerance levels can be consistently and effectively monitored during transportation. This data logger is ideal for travelling in freight and loading rooms to monitor these three factors during the transportation of goods on rail, in the air, and on the road. At their destination, a glance at the display or the LEDs tells you whether the configured limit values have been adhered to during transit.

Operation is a breeze with the Testo food quality manager, achieve effective examination of all critical parameters with a push of the simplistic stop and start button. With automatic report creation, all documentation and information is fast and easy to retrieve. The reports generated are designed to be easily understood and can be conveniently printed through plugging in the USB port to a PC.

With the Testo 184 data loggers, your products can be protected from unnoticed gaps in the cold chain. The entire distribution path can be monitored and documented simply, securely, and compliantly with all common standards, guidelines, and regulations. The tamperproof design is HACCP certified and allows for the elimination of all doubts regarding the correct transport conditions of food.

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