Ten reasons why it’s time for the food industry to adopt digital time and attendance solutions

The food industry is vibrant, complex and fast-paced. In an industry where every minute counts it is increasingly important that organisations make the switch to the most accurate and efficient way of managing employee time and attendance.

Food organisations often support a large, diverse and mobile workforce, therefore implementing a process that allows you to track and monitor hours worked digitally and in real time can offer significant benefits.

Digital time and attendance solutions enable organisations to accurately track employee timekeeping, reduce labour costs and minimise compliance risks. There are also numerous economic advantages to be gained. A recent report by the American Axsium Group found that companies saved an average $2,072 per employee in the year immediately following implementation of an automated time and attendance solution.

Here are ten reasons why food businesses should be implementing digital time and attendance software:

  1. Efficiently manage a remote workforce
    As much of the food industry workforce is based in multi-site locations, with digital time and attendance software employees can clock in wherever they are using a mobile device. In addition, by using GPS tracking managers can view the location of all employees remotely.
  2. Accurate reporting
    Manual timekeeping processes often result in costly inaccurate reporting. Inaccuracies can often result in overpayments, rota mistakes, holiday errors and incorrect legal compliance. Digitising the process ensures there is less room for human error.
  1. Improve compliancy
    Digital time and attendance software is configured to automatically ensure that employees leave and shifts adhere to company, federal, state, local and industry regulations. This eliminates the risk of costly fines and penalties associated with noncompliance.
  2. Spot trends
    Supervisors and managers are able to access real time information about their employees. At a glance, managers can see patterns in lateness and sickness as well as the productivity and efficiency of an entire workforce.
  1. Empower employees
    By digitising the time and attendance software employees are able to access their sick leave, timesheets and leave entitlements without having to bother managers or HR. Employees are also able to request holidays more efficiently by using the system.
  1. Go paperless
    A digital process replaces the need to print, email and ship documents. Manual attendance systems lead to mountains of paper timesheets and wasted time on filing, as well as accessing and retrieving paper documents.
  2. Manage absences and shift cover
    With real time data it’s possible to track and enforce employee attendance, reduce instances of absence and improve productivity. It also allows managers to have an at a glance view of the availability of their entire workforce and manage shift cover.
  1. Stop time abuse
    An added feature of many time and attendance software solutions is the ability to use biometric scanners. Biometric time and attendance systems work by measuring features of the body that are unique to each person, and thus offer greater accuracy in attendance tracking and access control. They also prohibit employees from borrowing keys and entering controlled areas, this also reduces time theft by eliminating the possibility of an employee clocking in on behalf of another.
  2. Customisable solutions
    As every business is unique and has a variety of different time and attendance requirements, as well as specific legal guidance and regulations for different roles within the food sector, time and attendance software solutions can be fully customisable for any business, large or small. There is no one size fits all approach.
  1. Save time and money for HR departments
    Automated data collation and real time displays save time and money for HR and payroll departments by cutting down on the time it takes to access information that is not kept in one central program.

Mitrefinch – intelligent employee management

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