Thai importer seeks orange juice

A Thai importer, Strategic Catering Co. Ltd, is seeking New Zealand suppliers of bulk squeezed orange juice made from concentrate (MFC), in an aseptic pack, for their newly established factory.

The expected volume of import is about 400,000 litres per year. The company is importing MFC orange juice from Australia but, due to a shortage of supply, is looking for other sources.

The importer has strong relationships with the hotel and restaurant industry and retail chains. It currently imports wines, beverages and a wide variety of food products from several countries including Australia, Chile and Brazil.

Thailand’s fruit juice market is currently seeing good growth. Juice drinks have been growing annually by 3%, reaching around THB 5,400 million, according to Siam Business Newspaper.

The market is split into three segments — 100% fruit juice which is worth THB 2,900 million, 40% fruit juice (THB500 million) and 25% fruit juice (THB2,000 million).

The growth in the market, and the rising health consciousness among Thai consumers, offers a good opportunity for New Zealand companies to explore potential business and partnership opportunities in Thailand.

For further information contact:

Chortip Pramoolpol

Business Development Manager

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Bangkok

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