Thankyou Water urges Coles and Woolies to get onboard [video]

Thankyou, the social enterprise behind Thankyou Water, is preparing for a meeting with Australia's two supermarket giants, urging them to stock the brand's new product lines and help support developing nations.

Once all the business costs are taken care of, money made from Thankyou sales goes to funding water, food and hygiene projects in developing nations.

Formerly known as Thankyou Water, Thankyou is meeting with Coles and Woolworths in two weeks to encourage them to stock its water as well as Thankyou's range of food and body care products.

Co-founder and managing director, Daniel Flynn, said "We’re going to explain not only the positive effect stocking our products would have on their bottom-line, but also the tremendous impact it would have on the broader global community.

"If they say ‘yes’, Thankyou, in partnership with Coles and Woolworths, could go from helping 56,000 people, to millions in the developing world."

Launching today with a multi-layered marketing campaign, the new Thankyou range includes muesli, muesli bars, quick and rolled oats as well as hand wash, hand lotion and hand sanitiser.

This is in addition to its namesake – Thankyou Water, available in both still and sparkling varieties.

Flynn said the development of the range, as well as planning the launch, had been 15 months in the making.

"It’s been an absolute mission to develop products that have the potential to lead the market. We’ve had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in social investment and have partnered with some of Australia’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to make it all happen.

"Now, we’re asking Coles, Woolworths, and the people of Australia to help change the world with us," he said.



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