The 50 Day No Sugar Challenge: could you do it?

The impact of sugar on our health and weight (and brain) has become more commonly known in recent times, and soon thousands of Aussies will start on the challenge to eliminate sugar from their diet for 50 days.

The 50DaysNoSugar Challenge, created by personal trainer Natalie Carter, starts on 1 July, and urges people to cut the white stuff.

The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness of how many food and drinks products contain excess sugar, encourage healthy eating and curb sugar addiction.

But it won’t be easy. Experts say a sugar addiction is no easier to overcome than a heroin addiction, and more of us are addicted than we think.

The initiative was run successfully last year, and in 2012, Carter is embracing popular social media to encourage people to share their journey and help each other out, by encouraging participants to post snaps of their sugar-free food creations on Instagram and Facebook.

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