The (Burger) King is dead

US fast-food giant Burger King will change its mascot in a bid to join what experts call the “Whole Foods effect.”

The advertising mascot, The King, who in an old campaign was seen sneaking up on unsuspecting customers in dark tunnels and their home will be killed off in favour of a focus on freshness.

The move comes as Burger King reports a less than impressive year, lagging behind competitors McDonald’s, KFC and Subway, who have all experienced great success with advertising focus on freshness.

Experts say the move by Burger King to replace the creepy King with images of fresh food being washed and prepared in their advertisements is part of a growing trend.

"Call it the Whole Foods effect," Ron Paul, president of consulting firm Technomic, told USA Today, referring to the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods, with stores throughout North America and the UK.

Image: Getty Images

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