The challenge is MEGA

In September 2024, leaders from across the supply chain will gather in Melbourne to discuss the future of the logistics industry. World events have shown that a sustainable supply chain is critical – but is not going to happen on its own.

It will take the most advanced technology, groundbreaking initiatives, forward thinking companies, and exceptional talent to create a truly sustainable supply chain that we can be proud to pass onto the next generation.

The Opportunity is MEGA

MEGATRANS is a step towards creating that future. The combined conference, exhibition and jobs pavilion will be an opportunity for like-minded suppliers and industry leaders to connect and discuss the role of sustainability in the future of the supply chain, and how they will be a part of the solution. From de-carbonisation to a diverse workforce, the event will examine every connection in the chain and how each can contribute to a sustainable future.

This exhibition will be MEGA

MEGATRANS is an interactive expo, reserved for companies offering advanced technology technologies and services, grouped by their contributions to the sustainable supply chain.

Fleets of the future: From hybrid to fully electric vehicles, through to telematics solutions and more, the show will feature these advanced technologies that are leading the path towards zero-emission transportation.

The Zero Carbon Warehouse: Companies offering solutions to sustainable warehouses will feature innovations that are helping to reduce emissions while saving on costs, with everything from electric industrial equipment through to renewable energy solutions.

The Traceable Supply Chain: Technology making the supply chain increasingly traceable will be on show, to paint a picture of what a fully transparent supply chain will look like, and how to get there.
Cold Chain Solutions: These sustainable solutions to cold chain transportation will show what the sustainable future will look like for perishable goods and pharmaceuticals handlers.

The careers will be MEGA

Welcoming fleets, logistics companies, and warehousing operations from around Australia, the show will offer an opportunity for companies to connect with future talent to create the diverse and sustainable workforce of the future. A strong marketing campaign will target TAFEs, universities and more, to show off the opportunities available in the transport and logistics industry.

This conference will be MEGA

Experts from across Australia will gather to discuss the issues that are shaping the future of the sustainable supply chain, including:

The Ethical Supply Chain: How traceability can ensure a sustainable supply chain built on ethical practices and suppliers every step of the way. This aspect of the conference will include presentations from major retailers on their plans for the future of ethical sourcing.

Workplace Diversity: A sustainable workforce is one that is representative of the population at large Major online retailers, manufacturers, and warehouse managers will share their success stories of building a diverse workforce.

Real Estate Planning: With real estate availability essential for the growth of the logistics industry, major industrial parks, warehouses and real estate companies will discuss the future of facilities planning.

These features will be MEGA

MHD Sustainable Warehouse Awards: The inaugural MHD Sustainable Warehouse Awards will feature the most sustainable warehouses from across Australia and announce 2024’s MHD Most Sustainable Warehouse in Australia.

BULK2024: MEGATRANS is co-located with the BULK2024 expo, which features the most advanced technology in bulk materials handling.

Mercury Awards: The awards celebrate excellence in the materials handling and logistics space, with industry leaders gathering for one of the most significant industry events of the year.

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