The colours of the season

Papaya Australia is asking wholesalers and retailers to help them in their quest to increase demand by educating consumers on the difference between papaya and papaw.

“There is considerable confusion and contradiction around papaya and papaw with many consumers believing them to be one and the same,” said Papaya Australia president, Gerard Kath.

“To increase demand for these fruits we need to educate the supply chain about their key differences. This knowledge will then have a flow on affect to consumers.”

Papaya Australia, which represents papaya and papaw growers in Australia, said the 2009 marketing campaign is all about the colour.

“We want consumers to know that papaya has a red coloured flesh and papaw has yellow flesh. To do this we are asking wholesalers and retailers to use the word ‘red’ to describe papaya and ‘yellow’ to describe papaw on all signage.

“We are also asking wholesalers and retailers to spell papaw the same way across the board to stop additional consumer confusion,” he said.

Over 250 posters and 510 recipe cards for Red Papaya and Yellow Papaw have been distributed across the country to help retailers educate consumers.

Events were also held at Sydney and Brisbane Markets to allow industry to meet with wholesalers and retailers one-on-one and convey key messages for the 2009 season.

Red Papaya and Yellow Papaws are predominately grown in Northern Queensland areas including Innisfail, Mareeba, Proserpine, Yarwun, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast districts.

The fruits are harvested and available all year round, and can be purchased from local supermarkets or greengrocers.

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