The Friday Issue: Traffic light labelling Vs the Daily Intake Guide

Recommendations made in Labelling Logic, a critical report reviewing Australia’s food labelling law and policies, has caused much controversy since its release last week.

One hot topic has been the implementation of traffic light labelling, a system where colour-coded labels are used to indicate the nutritional level of food products. For example, a red label might indicate a product high in fat or sugar or an unhealthy choice.

Over the past week, Food Magazine has observed two main opponents in the traffic light labelling debate: Public health groups and Industry.

Industry is in favour of the Daily Intake Guide system,while public health groups argue the traffic light labelling system is more beneficial and easily understood by consumers.

Meanwhile, an abundance of studies conducted in the past few years in Australia and overseas have revealed conflicting conclusions on the more effective labelling system. 

Let us know what you think: Traffic light labelling or the Daily Intake Guide?
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