The future of packaging and processing revealed at AUSPACK PLUS [video]

AUSPACK PLUS, the largest biennial packaging and processing machinery and materials exhibition in Australia featured a myriad of new and innovative ideas and processes from around the globe.

The event took place from May 7 through 10 at Sydney Showgrounds and showcased everything from the latest in product coding and labelling, to automation technologies and biodegradable film.

This year saw a keen emphasis on eco friendly solutions with an entire section dedicated to innovations which aim to minimise the industry’s carbon footprint.

Innovia Films

One company in particular, Innovia Films has developed a range of speciality films known as NatureFlex™ which is made from renewable wood pulp and sourced from managed plantations.

NatureFlex™ is currently being used in everything from coffee packaging to FMCGs including crisps and confectionery throughout the country.

John Nickless, national account manager of Innovia Films said that companies with the Fair Trade certification in particular are showing more of an interest in sustainable packaging in order to provide consistency with their products.

“The interesting thing about coffee companies is for Fair Trade, they are conforming to the Fair Trade on the beans but they are now trying to further improve their image with the packaging,” he said.

Coffee packs have been traditionally made with polypropylene, foil and then polyethylene. Innovia’s Natureflex™ offers a biodegradable home compostable packaging solution which completely decomposes in 42 days.

“Natureflex™ provides the same amount of properties as you would from a polymer film but you get the environment credentials with it,” said Innovia’s sales manager Robin Dearnley.

Bio Earth Products

BioEarth Products are another company offering an eco-friendly solution to commercial food packaging.

BioEarth Products specialise in customised compostable packaging which is made from renewable resources. The products are becoming widely adopted by the fast food industry, and major supermarkets are using the eco-friendly trays for meat packaging.

KHS Filling and Packaging Worldwide

KHS Filling and Packaging are the Australian distributors for ALPMA, a German based packaging machine specialist who have recently come up with the ALPMA MultiSAN Fold Wrapping Machine which is revolutionising hygiene within the soft cheese packaging arena.

MultiSAN boasts an easier change over from one format to the next and features a swivelling system that allows for better access to the machine for maintenance and cleaning, providing a complete wash-down execution without wetting the packaging film.

Lion is the first company to purchase the machine in Australia with installation commencing in June.

Some other companies profiling new technologies at this year's AUSPACK PLUS can be seen in this video



AUSPACK PLUS hosted the 2013 AAPMA Awards of Excellence which recognised innovative and outstanding packaging and processing solutions throughout the industry with categories including Export Achievement, Design Achievement, Customer Partnership, Imported Equipment and Best New Product.

2013 Worldstar Packaging Awards were also presented at AUSPACK PLUS, celebrating the best in packaging with categories including Beverages, Electronics, Food, Health and Beauty, Pharmaceutical and Medical and Other.

AUSPACK PLUS will return again in Melbourne 2015.


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