The future of soft plastics to be discussed

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in conjunction with SPE, will be running a technical dinner to discuss the Future of Soft Plastics on the 8 May in Melbourne and all of industry is invited to attend.

Both the AIP and the SPE, along with their many industry members, are concerned about current discussions and challenges directed at ‘single use plastic’ packaging and this dinner will help to guide you and your teams to better understand the current and true state-of-play with Soft Plastics in Australia.

Discussions will include understanding the issues surrounding Soft Plastics and the important benefits this packaging format brings (food safety, convenience and reducing food waste).  Speakers will provide insights into some of the excellent initiatives that are already underway in the country to effectively recycle this packaging format.

This technical dinner will focus on soft plastics and the current recycling programs being undertaken and the evening is aimed at challenging the industry to be more involved in promoting a better understanding of the benefits and opportunities for soft plastics.

Speakers will include: Fiona Baxter, group manager responsible sourcing, Coles; Peter Tamblyn, sales and marketing manager Asia Pacific, Close the Loop; Mark Jacobson, marketing director, Replas; Elizabeth Kasell, director of development, REDCycle; and Anthony Peyton MAIP, Director, PREP Design.


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