The Glenlivet calls upon ‘guardians’ to choose the next single malt expression

Last Tuesday night marked the first time that members of the public had the opportunity to taste the latest expressions of single malt whisky from renowned Scottish distillery, The Glenlivet.

The launch was part of a new initiative titled The Guardian’s Chapter, where whisky aficionados from around the globe will have the opportunity to sample three new expressions created by master distiller, Alan Winchester, from the distillery’s exceptional cask collection.

Launched at an industry only dinner, the single malts were complemented by an eight course meal at famed Japanese restaurant, Tetsuya’s, where renowned chef, Tetsuya Wakuda created an exceptional menu to perfectly match The Glenlivet’s latest expressions.  

Each of the expressions were classified only by taste, with the age of the whiskies remaining a secret.

The Guardian’s Chapter expressions

  • Classic – the quality of timelessness and enduring excellence
  • Exotic – The quality of rich diversity and enigmatic depth
  • Revival – A regard and passion for past styles, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist

Australia marks the first stop of a global tour where industry experts and Guardians – enthusiasts of The Glenlivet– will have the opportunity to sample, savour and vote for their preference in taste.

Once the world tour is complete, votes will be tallied up with the winning whisky becoming The Guardians’ Chapter – a non-chilled filtered limited edition release which will be available in March 2014. Only 2000 bottles of The Guardians’ Chapter will be available globally.

Alan Winchester said that he was ‘thrilled’ that The Glenlivet’s most loyal customers, The Guardian’s, will be involved the final decision.

“I am thrilled to be inviting guardians to take part in this exciting whiskey selection" he said.

"They are our most loyal supporters so it’s only right that they be involved in this way and I’m excited to hear what they think of the three whiskies I’ve created for them. I hope the three tastes spark both debate and enjoyment.”

Consumer tastings in Australia will held in NSW, VIC, WS, SA and QLD from 20 September.

The compilation of votes globally will take place in early 2014.


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