The guilt free way to chiptease

New Slim Secrets Guilt Free Potato Chips mean the ability to satisfy cravings, while hanging on to a clear conscience.

According to the company, the skinny on how to get snacking under control and still have a life, is found in the newly released 97% fat free chips, which have just 1.2g of fat per 40g bag, and are made with only the very best Australian potatoes.

Guilt, gluten and preservative free these snacks have more than 4g of protein per bag and are also a source of fibre.

Part of the secret manufacturing process includes boiling potatos in their skin, then roasting and finally keeping the fat low, but flavour high.

The three chip flavours are Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, and Cheese and Onion.

The potato chips follow the previously released Nutrient Secrets and Slim Secrets healthy snack bars.

Slim Secrets Snack Bars have won a number of awards.

“All of our products are developed with functional and healthy ingredients. We know how busy women are with families, careers, partners and homes to juggle. Often we are the last people to get taken care of and either skip meals or reach for something quick that’s often unhealthy. I’m proud to be able to offer women something that’s tasty and convenient,” said Slim Secrets creator, Sharon Thurin.

Slim Secrets Guilt Free Potato Chips will be available from selected Woolworths Supermarkets (health food aisle) middle of March and health food stores.

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