The judges of Australia have made their choice

Dine has been named the FOOD Challenge Awards winner in this year’s jam-packed Soups & Prepared Meals category.

The relaunched Dine products’ aim is to delight the consumer experience through enhanced flavour and format variety, improved cat acceptance, pack convenience, shopping experience and emotional connection.

Consisting of meat and fish based recipes packaged in an easy open aluminium pre-printed tray, the relaunch has focused on delivering a common look and feel to the entire Dine wet cat portfolio.

In order to develop new product textures and formats for the range, a combination of raw materials and processing techniques were used. Dicing and cutting techniques, in combination with gentle mixing, deliver discrete pieces of meat and fish that have improved product aesthetics. Various hydro-colloids are also used to deliver smooth pate textures.

A recently commissioned single serve facility has been used to produce the Dine range. The new facility uses white belts, hoists and gravity feed fillers to deliver improved raw material handling of delicate raw products like fish. This ensures the Dine range delivers against consumer’s aesthetics and ingredient integrity requirements.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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