The Right Food Group wins Organics title at Food awards: video

The Right Food Group proved it's got the right idea in mind with its Organic Noodle Kitchen – Asian Noodle Range, taking home the Organics category at this year's Food Magazine awards.

The Right Food Group is one of Australia's leading organic developers and manufacturers, specialising in certified organic and low allergen foods. The company's products are gourmet, simple to use and chef-inspired with the added benefit of being healthy.

The Right Food Group is a certified organic, JAS MAFF (Japan), HACCP, Halal and Kosher certified company which develops and manufacturers organic simmer sauces, dressings, table sauces, salad dressings, marinades, stir fry sauces and fruit spreads.

The Organic Noodle Kitchen gourmet noodles is a unique new Asian product range featuring designer packaging and attractive shelf ready inners and available in a number of flavours including Organic Beetroot, Spirulina, Charcoal and Whole Wheat.

The new range grew out of founder Anni Brownjohn's desire to create innovative and great tasting, organic foods. Not only has the Organic Noodle Kitchen received praise within Australia, but the company also won Best New Organic Product at the BioFachWorld Organic Trade Fair, held in Nuremburg, Germany earlier this year. The Organic Noodle Kitchen – Asian Noodle Range is the first Australian product to win the prestigious award.

The Right Food Right was founded in 1999 by Brownjohn, who has a keen passion for healthy food.

"I started The Right Food Group because I believe in healthy food for Australians and we've continued that journey right up to now. We like to create innovative, new foods and exciting foods that make everyone's life easier," said Brownjohn.

When asked why she thought the company may have won the Organics category, Brownjohn put it simply: "I think we won because we actually do the best product," she told Food magazine.

In order to make the best product, Brownjohn says that excellent producers and quality ingredients are imperative.

"I think that Australia creates the most innovative foods because we are a small market. We work really hard and we've got great products to work with, great ingredients and great farmers."

In addition to The Right Food Group's already distinguished range, Brownjohn says that the company has a few more exciting product to showcase this year.

"We've got organic two minute noodles and cup noodles coming to market which will be launched at the Fine Food festival.  They are healthy, simple, quick food solutions with no MS – just great tasting noodles with great flavours that are good for your health." 



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