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The season for cheap QLD carrots has arrived.

The budget-friendly carrot is now in season, with millions of Queensland-grown carrots hitting the shops from June.

Queensland’s Scenic Rim is the carrot capital of the state and produces about 600 million carrots a year, mostly between June and December.

Pick of the Crop regional coordinator in South East Queensland, Samantha Wyatt, said carrots are a tasty, cheap, and popular vegetable.

“Carrots are a bang for your buck vegetable for families because they’re affordable all year round and can be used in a variety of ways no matter if they’re fresh, frozen, or canned,” said Wyatt.

“They’re also rich in fibre, which keeps kids’ tummies happy and their digestion on track. Plus, the folate in carrots helps support their growth and development.”

Kalfresh, Queensland’s largest carrot grower, has also supported Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s whole-school healthy eating initiative Pick of the Crop.

The initiative aims to increase opportunities for Queensland primary school children to learn about and eat more vegetables and fruit.

Kalfresh CEO Richard Gorman said one of the most successful ways they found to increase the consumption of nutrient-rich vegetables like carrots was to offer ready-to-eat products.

“As growers, we had food waste, so it’s a win-win. We chop and shred the carrots that are too big, too small, or too wonky through our Just Veg range of ready-to-eat products, so it’s easier for school tuckshops and families to add them to lunchboxes and everyday meals,” said Gorman.

“We love this time of year because it’s when Queenslanders are eating Queensland carrots. Our farms and factory at Kalbar are in full production and it’s been a great start to the carrot season.”

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