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The Why Meat Co’s pea protein Party Pies arrive at Woolworths

pea protein

The Why Meat Co, an Australian business, has created a plant-based, pea protein version of the humble meat pie, giving consumers a healthier alternative for their next party purchase. 

Founders Emma and Ashley White launched The Why Meat Co in 2019, supplying the market with healthy, flavoursome products. Now they are developing an expanded range of plant-based products using pea protein. 

In partnering with Warrnambool’s favourite Chittick’s Bakery, the brand has earned a silver medal in the vegan category at the Australia’s Best Pie Competition 2021. 

Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Competition is conducted by the Baking Association of Australia, the industry’s peak body and recognised as the leading national artisan pie and pastie competition.   

pea protein
Image credit: The Why Meat Co.

As a health-conscious mum, Emma White was frustrated with the junk being served as food at kids’ birthday parties and the lack of choice of vegan options available for kids, teens and adults. 

She steered away from the non-meat market trend that is heavily dominated by soy protein. As an expert in the food industry, especially mock meat consumer goods, White that soy as an agricultural crop is largely a genetically modified organism (GMO). It is also a potential allergen source for consumers. 

So why not give the safe power choice back to Australian consumers, using pea protein? 

“I’m so proud I have created a party and snack product the whole family can enjoy that is healthy option,” White said.  

“With the demand for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free products on the rise, The Why Meat Co sausage roll is a winner for all the right reasons.” 

According the 2020 State Of the Industry report published by online food futurists Food Frontier, the number of plant-based meat products on supermarket shelves across Australia has recently doubled. 

The report, supported by statistics from Deloitte Access Economics, stated:   

“With increasing consumer demand for meat alternatives being driven foremost by health concerns, the report notes that grocery retail sales of plant-based meat surged 46 per cent in FY20. 

“In the same period, Australian retailers expanded their product ranges, doubling the number of plant-based meat products on supermarket shelves to more than 200. Domestic brands now make up 42 per cent of plant-based meat products in major retailers.” 

Also, the Grocer Shopper 2021 report published by Focus Insights stated that “1 in 6 shoppers have purchased plant-based meat products in the last six months and of this group, three quarters of them would buy these products again.” 

The Why Meat Co plant-based Party Pies come in a 250g pack and plant-based Sausage Rolls come in a 280g pack. These products are available at selected Woolworths stores for $8.00 across the Eastern seaboard of Australia.  

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