The Wolf Release 2020

Tasmania’s Lark Distilling Co. has launched The Wolf Release 2020 , its third single malt whisky in The Wolf Release series.

‘The Wolf Release series’ is the result of a unique exchange of ideas, passion and whisky barrels between Lark Distillery and Wolf of the Willows Brewing Co. Every year, empty Lark whisky casks are

hand selected by the Victorian-based brewery and sent on a journey across the Bass Strait. Once there, the barrels are filled with Wolf of the Willow’s Imperial Johnny Smoke Porter and left to work their magic on the beer before being decanted, returned to Lark and filled with single malt whisky.

Limited to 1830 bottles, The Wolf Release 2020 was chosen from Lark Distilling Co.’s Bothwell Distillery, home of Nant Single Malt Whisky.


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