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Thermomix launches limited edition Sparkling Black TM6

Thermomix launches limited edition Sparkling Black TM6

The Sparkling Black TM6 is in celebration of  Thermomix manufacturer, Vorwerk’s, 140th anniversary as an engineering and design leader in the European and global markets.

The Sparkling Black TM6 is on sale now in Australia and New Zealand and only while stock lasts.

Designed for those who love beauty in the kitchen, the stylish new Thermomix features a triangular laser-designed pattern and silk sheen, emulating the sparkling surface of a diamond.

Like a diamond, the Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6 is durable and tough.

Jet black in colour with champagne accents, the Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6 complements benchtops of any colour – matching moody splashbacks or creating an eye-catching contrast to wooden finishes.

Complete with all the hi-tech features of the current Thermomix model TM6, the Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6 comes with 17 modes, 30 functions and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has access to more than 80,000 international recipes via the Thermomix official digital recipe platform Cookidoo.

Thermomix is a favourite among chefs like Darren Robertson from Sydney’s Three Blue Ducks and can be spotted in kitchens from Gelato Messina to Nel.

What began as a humble, German carpet factory, Vorwerk has since morphed into a globally loved homewares giant that produces the world’s smartest all-in-one appliance.

Thermomix Australia and New Zealand’s founder, Grace Mazur, says she expects the Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6 to be extremely popular within the Thermomix community.

“This is only the second time ever a limited edition has been released and the last time, we sold out in a matter of weeks,” says Mazur.

“Whether you’re already part of the Thermomix family or new to Thermomix, the Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6 will make an iconic statement on your benchtop – as well as with all the delicious recipes you will be able to create with it.

“The design is shiny, sleek and fingerprint-proof, so it always looks its best. If you’d like to see what it looks like on your benchtop, try out our augmented reality tool on our website and project it into your kitchen.”

Charmaine Soh, a Thermomix consultant of 3 years, says she is beyond thrilled to have earned her Sparkling Black TM6 as part of the company’s incentive program.

“I work full time and have been cooking with Thermomix for 12 years and it has been life-changing for me. On weekdays, I use it in the mornings for breakfast and at the dinner rush hour after a long commute. On weekends, Thermomix helps me prepare more elaborate meals as well as assists with lunchboxes for the week ahead.

“What I love about it is how much time I save. I can be taking a shower or hanging up or taking in the laundry while it stirs and cooks to perfection. It really is a second pair of hands in my kitchen.

“Because of step-by-step recipes on-screen and all the in-built modes and functions, Thermomix® makes complex cooking simple, no matter your level of confidence in the kitchen or the type of food you like to prepare,” said Soh.

“That’s what makes it so easy to share my passion for Thermomix® with others, because it truly is a game-changer. I’m just so thrilled to be adding a Sparkling Black TM6 to my kitchen. We’re in the process of designing our house and it will look amazing in our new kitchen.”

With limited stock available, Thermomix is urging everyone to order their Limited Edition Sparkling Black TM6 now so as not to miss out. Orders can be placed through Thermomix consultants or online at

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