This snack takes the Crunch

CrunchTime, the Highly Commended Snack Food, is an innovative range of crunchy, tasty and nutritious cluster breakfast snacks developed just for kids, in line with school canteen nutritional guidelines.

With many kids not having a healthy, nutritious start to the day, CrunchTime aims to solve the problem with single serve sachets that offer a healthy snack in fun, colourful packaging and unique, all-natural ingredient combinations, in Banana-Roo, Kooka-Berry and Womba-Melon flavours, including watermelon. The distinctly Australian animals form a way to connect with kids and bring nutrition and fun together.

The product’s ingredients have been specifically combined to maintain taste, texture and clustering, while conserving their nutritional properties — being natural flavours, wholegrains, low GI and high fibre.

Specialty Cereals is the leader in cluster production in Australia and has developed the process over the past three years. Australia’s largest cluster production facility was used to produce the CrunchTime clusters. Equipment was development specifically to facilitate delivery of the required textural characteristics, breaking away from conventional clusters which tend to have a hard, dense texture. The texture achieved in this product is light and crisp, creating a delicious, innovative product that parents can trust, and kids love.

Lena Zak is the editor of FOOD Magazine.

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