Altra Motion’s brand Thomson: Optimising food processing equipment

A key solution to decreasing any machineries downtime is to focus on improving the quality and durability of its parts.

One such company that has been championing reliable equipment is Altra Motion’s Thomson brand. With decades of experience, they are suppliers of components that allow application flexibility while pushing production efficiency.

They focus on optimisation of food-processing through providing products with advanced technology and smart design solutions.

The technology includes the ability for its products to:

  • Withstand caustic cleaning and demanding use without corrosion through use of 300-grade (303, 304, 316) stainless, UHMW coatings, Armalloy and many more options.
  • Provide 120 psi (8.3 bar) spray-rated washdown compliance; and
  • Offer food-grade Lube-for-Life lubrication.

Altra Motion prides itself in ‘smart standardisation’ that allows flexibility and customisable designs.

It specialises in:

  • Zero-setup products for speed-to-market and optimal installed cost.
  • Electric actuator conversion from hydraulic or pneumatic.

The Thomson series comes in a range of standard, modifiable standard and customisable parts. Some examples include rodded actuators, linear bearings as well as ball and lead screws.

An example of what can be created utilising its products includes a ‘Bread Robot’. This robot is designed to assemble and package baked goods, mincemeat trays and boxed cereal and dairy products. Many components, such as ball screws and full linear motions systems, enables this system to reach its potential.

Their products also increase efficiency of machinery such as food vending machine, as well as assembly lines with skewers.

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