Ti Tonics Super Teas

Product Name: Ti Tonics

Manufacturer: Ti Tonics Ltd

Ingredients: New Zealand water, natural sweetners (erythritol, stevia leaf extract), cane sugar, citric acid, natural colour (black carrot), grape seed, natural mango flavour, white tea

Shelf life: One year

Product Manager: Tracey King – also the founder

Website: https://www.ti-tonics.com/

What the company says:
Ti Tonics Super Teas use natural compounds from grapeseed combined with a delicate white tea base to provide supercharged levels of antioxidants that also taste great.

The grapeseed extract in Ti Tonics is an astonishing antioxidant which is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin E, and 50 times greater than Vitamin C making one Ti Tonics serving equivalent to five servings of fruit and vegetables*.

They come in five natural fruit flavours including pomegranate, blueberry, nectarine, passion and mango and have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and less than half a teaspoon of sugar per bottle.

The grapeseed extract in Ti Tonics supercharges the antioxidant benefits of white tea and this provides it with its high polyphenol content as well as the proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates which help to protect and repair the body’s cells. These compounds are also believed to help promote cardiovascular health, concentration, memory capacity, the immune system, cell regeneration and include anti-aging properties.

Ti Tonics is produced in New Zealand using a 100 percent Aqua Pure process that uses only water to extract the bioactives from the fruits.

*This is measured through its ORAC rating- the internationally recognised measure of antioxidants per gram.


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