Tilda Kids

Product name: Tilda Kids

Product manufacturer: Tilda Rice

Mild & Sweet Curry: Steamed Basmati, green beans, sweet potato, apricots
Cheese & Tomato: Steamed Basmati, tomato, cheese
Sunshine Vegetable: Steamed Basmati, butternut squash, sweetcorn, carrots
Sweet Vegetable & Wholegrain: Steamed Basmati, sweetcorn, sweet potato, carrots

Shelf life: 18 months

Packaging: microwaveable pouches that are plastic and BPA (Bisphenola) free.

Product manager: Ryan Willett, brand manager at Manassen Foods Australia

Brand website: http://www.tilda.com/kids

What the company says
Developed in conjunction with UK children’s nutritionalist Dr Sarah Schenker, Tilda Kids is a unique kids range of ‘rice & veggies’ mid-week meal accompaniments that meet all the needs of mums and kids.

Providing children with one of their five-a-day recommended fruit and vegetable servings Tilda Kids features a selection of the best natural ingredients and is sure to help busy mums keep their little ones happy and satisfied during meal times.

Suitable for children that have been weaned and are happily eating solids, Tilda Kids has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Kids can choose from four familiar classic flavour varieties such as Cheese & Tomato, Sunshine Vegetable, Sweet Vegetable & Wholegrain and Mild & Sweet Curry.

Available in 125g pouches, each meal has been specially developed to cater for a child’s taste, palate and growing appetite. They can be eaten on their own or as an accompaniment to all their favourites – meat or fish.

Working closely on the development of the range, Dr Sarah Schenker comments, “Rice is a good grain for children because it’s easily digestible so when they are babies, it’s one of the first grains they eat, but it then seems to disappear from their diets until they are much older. Tilda Kids is a great range as it helps children enjoy rice, which is a good alternative to other starchy carbohydrates that children need for energy.”

The range caters for fussy eaters as each pouch contains a blend of hidden vegetable puree as well as small pieces to help boost youngsters vegetable intake.

Each pouch takes only 40 seconds to cook in the microwave, is full of goodness, no nonsense and carries the Tilda reassurance of being made using only the finest quality ingredients.

The Tilda Kids range is available in Woolworths and most Coles stores and leading independent retailers with an RRP of $2.35 for a 125g pack.