Tip sTop

The Tip Top Bakery in Orange has stopped baking bread after more than 50 years of production.

The George Western Foods’ factory will now operate solely as a distribution centre, receiving bread from Sydney and Newcastle.

The company’s New South Wales human resources manager for the baking division, Jacqui Newman, said 27 of the 45 redundant workers have found new jobs.

She said George Western Foods will continue to help staff who have not found work as yet.

“We continue to support with the transition program with having access to the site for computers, and any guidance they need in applying for roles,” she said.

Newman said stopping production was “a very sad day for George Western Foods. We have a lot of great people here at Kelly’s Bakery and we have had to make a pretty tough decision and we regret the impact that that decision’s had on our people,” she said.

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