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Tip Top launches gluten-free bun

Tip Top Foodservice has expanded its Tip Top Burger Bun Range to include a Gluten Free Bun that looks and tastes like a ‘real’ bread bun.

With over 27 per cent of Australian bakery consumers open to consuming gluten free products, the bun is catering for a gap in the market for a soft, moist gluten free bun.

“These days, if you’ve got a burger menu without a gluten free option, you’re missing out on valuable revenue,” said Darren O’Brien, national account manager at Tip Top Foodservice. “But it’s not always easy to find a good gluten free alternative. Many of the buns we found in the market fell apart in your hands as you ate them. Some also needed to be toasted before eating. After a long research process, we have created a gluten free bun that can be eaten toasted or untoasted and doesn’t fall apart. Our bun is also brown on the outside and white on the inside, the way a burger bun should be,” he explained.

The new bun tastes just like ‘real’ bread with no strange aftertaste, something that is often associated with gluten free products. It’s also free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives so health conscious diners can be confident they’re making the right choice. Plus, it’s pre-sliced saving you time in the kitchen. They are delivered frozen, in cartons of 24.

They also have an 8-month frozen shelf life, come in convenient inner packs of 4 and defrost quickly so you can thaw as needed, without wasting any stock.

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