Titan shares the load during seeding season

In the natural world, plants cannot seed themselves so they must rely on clever methods of transport to travel such as air, water, and by attaching to the fur of animals.

The infamous dandelion is a great example of this with its lightweight feathery seeds that travel easier through the air and are often found attached to sweaters or tangled in hair.

In the industrial world however where large volumes of seeds are required for seeding broad acres of farmland and seasonal crops for food and raw materials, seeds must be transported more efficiently in long haul shipments using air freight cargo holds and heavily loaded palette trucks and trailers for long haul journeys.

In preparation for planting season, the logistics for seed transport for domestic producers requires considerable supply chain planning and freight capacity to ensure safe and effective delivery of seed bundles to rural sites. It also requires considerable lifting and rigging power to secure moving seed bundles in place.

This is also prime season for delivering bulk order seeding, sowing, and harvesting equipment to Australian farms as they ready their fleets for another year. With planting season around the corner, the team at Titan Lifting Technologies are similarly busy behind the scenes, supplying lifting and rigging equipment to Australia’s farming and transport industries.

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