Tna expands low-maintenance steam peeling options

Food processing and packaging solution provider tna has expanded its range of Florigo ultra-peel steam peeling solutions for potatoes, baby carrots and other vegetables to offer processors a tailored steam peeling solution depending on their individual production requirements.

The three different steam vessel designs of the Florigo ultra-peel are engineered to deliver high peel efficiency, superior yield and uniform skin removal, while cutting average maintenance costs by 50 per cent.

The new Florigo ultra-peel portfolio includes high-capacity steam peelers for large root vegetables like potatoes for French fries and vessels with centrally controlled steam inlets for smaller, irregular shaped produce to enable uniform steam coverage. In addition, tna offers split vessel designs for raw materials with a high level of water content, such as baby carrots. These maximise the reach of the steam while keeping the product out of the water.

With the capacity to reduce peel loss to a maximum of 6 per cent depending on the raw material, the Florigo peeler loosens the skin by exposing each item to uniformly dispersed, high-pressure steam, delivering peeling efficiency and a high yield. The Florigo ultra-peel features a robust, hygienic design with very few wearing parts that can be easily accessed, reducing the industry’s average maintenance costs.

“Steam peelers are the ideal solution when it comes to removing as little skin as possible and even work well on irregular shaped items,” said Carel Pfaff, group product manager processing at tna. ” However, they also often require regular replacement, resulting in considerable downtime and high maintenance costs. With our range of flexible steam peeling solutions, food processors not only achieve a highly efficient peeling performance, but will also invest in a system that offers one of the industry’s best returns on investment due to the equipment’s low maintenance requirements and overall reliability.”

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