Tooheys New goes retro with classic beer can

Tooheys New has brought back its iconic 30-pack of classic cans for a limited time only.

Tooheys New has long been the chosen beer with mates and has shared some damn beautiful moments over the years with you all, from the footy sheds to fishing trips, buck nights to baby showers, and everything that’s good in between.

Tom Bills at Tooheys said the cans will only be available for a limited time and explains the idea behind the classic edition design.

“We reckon they’re a big old ‘cheers’ and a nod to the values of our drinkers back in the day, you know the kind – mateship, honesty and loyalty – cracking values that continue to remain important to Aussies today,” said Bills.

Available at all good beer retailers in NSW, these limited edition cans are sure to sell themselves and won’t be around for long.

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