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Toowoomba bacon named ‘World’s Best’ at global awards

Bacon from the Meat Cellar butchery in Toowoomba has been named the World’s Best at the World Charcuterie Awards in London this week.

Meat Cellars bacon beat competitors from around the world to claim their gold medal title.

Husband and wife owners, Luke and Michelle Jensen, said their win is a testament to their commitment to high-quality products and traditional practices.

“Our bacon is created with integrity. We use locally sourced pigs, honey and wood chips, and take our time to cure and smoke our bacon using traditional methods which achieve a superior result,” said Luke.

“Shockingly, the majority of bacon in our Aussie supermarkets comes from overseas and relies on artificial flavouring and chemical smoking. Most people really don’t know what they’re missing, until they taste the real thing.”

The bacon was praised for being “visually stunning with a satisfying meat to fat ratio. The flavour is robust enhanced by the smoke and lingers on in the mouth”, receiving the highest overall score from a panel of 40 international judges.

Luke and Michelle are no strangers to recognition after their ham was named the best in Australia in 2011 and 2016/17.

When it comes to enjoying the best bacon in the world, Michelle said that she likes to keep it simple:

“The world’s best bacon and perfectly poached eggs are a match made in breakfast heaven,” she said.

“When ingredients are this good, you don’t need to mess around.”

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