Top food manufacturers help the hungry

Foodbank, Australia’s largest food-relief organisation, presented four of Australia’s largest food manufactures with awards at the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s annual industry dinner on September 10th, for supporting Australia’s hungry.

Nestlé received the Leadership Award for providing regular donations across a wide range of staple foods and for raising awareness on the issue of hunger.

Dairy Farmers and Fonterra both received the Innovation Award for donating more than 500 tonnes each of fresh dairy products and finding creative ways to manage the logistics of preserving and donating short-shelf life, fresh products.

Goodman Fielder Baking won the Collaboration Award for donating thousands of loaves of bread to Foodbank daily, guaranteeing fresh bread in Foodbank Warehouses.

Last year, Foodbank distributed 12 million kilograms of donated food, making more than 15 million meals every day to feed approximately 35,000 people.

According to the organisation, this would not have been possible without the donations made by its industry partners.

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